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Dictionary Template for iOS iOS  Mobile App template


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This is a ready-made native iOS dictionary template, developed using Xcode/objective C. This template is useful for those who are looking to develop a dictionary app of any two languages, synonyms, and antonyms of words. In case of specific field terminologies such as medical, engineering, business, science, financial, law, computer and many more, you can get a quick start using this awesome dictionary template.

Not only you’ll be saving thousands of dollars but you’ll save hundreds of hours worth of design & development. This template app almost ready to upload conditions on the App Store.

Dictionary template that aims to be simple, lightweight, fast and accurate. No unnecessary splash screens and no need to download any additional files.

Why Our iOS Dictionary iOS App Template?

  • Launch today, instead of 2 months from now. Stay ahead of your competitors by moving fast.
  • Save energy & headaches, by not having to deal with hiring, prototyping, designing, development, testing, bug-fixing, optimizing, etc. Take a look at the list of features to get an idea of the amount of effort you’ll need to invest by starting from scratch.
  • Save thousands of dollars, spent on designers & developers.
  • Quality – our templates have been designed and developed by an expert in the field of designing and development. You get the best possible quality, in terms of design, code, optimizations, scalability and customer support.

How This Work ?

This template contains an SQLite database file. You can add/edit data into that database file using DBBrowser or SQLite Manager which is a high quality, visual, open-source tool to create, design, and edit database files.

Amazing Features

  • Full Application with English to Hindi Database
  • Beautiful User Interface
  • Quick & Easy Search
  • Awesome Side-Menu Navigation Flow
  • Attractive Look with Word of the Day
  • Detailed Meaning of each Word
  • Quick Word-Meaning Sharing with Friends and Social
  • Personalise Word Wishlist as Bookmark/Favourite
  • Banner Ads & Interstitial Ads of Admob for Earning
  • Multiple Choice Word Quiz to Test Knowledge
  • Add More Words and Meaning if it into Dictionary
  • Track of Recently Viewed Words
  • Word for The Day Daily Reminder(Notification)
  • Customisable 8 Themes
  • App Rating and Sharing for App promotion
  • Cross Marketing to Promote other app of Developer
  • Support for Light and Dark Mode
  • Universal App (Support iPhone & iPad)
  • Programming Language Objective C (As compared to Swift, Obj-C have optimise app size)
  • Support for Latest Xcode version
  • Clean & Crash-less Source Code
  • Complete Document to Setup Application

What you will get ?

  • Complete source code of the app
  • Documentation

What about free support for this app?

We can offer free support for bugs encountered in the original code. Instead, if you’ve edited the code and messed something up with it, I may apply some fee to fix it either via TeamViewer or by checking your app project files directly on our computer.

Why our customers love us ?

Great support!
5 stars for Code Quality – by MUKESH12
I liked this code, it is well done
a beautiful design
an easy-to-handle application
clear documentation
perfect support
5 stars for Design Quality – by OmarILP
Excellent application
5 stars for Code Quality – by Tricoder
Great Support . Will buy more
5 stars for Customer Support – by abid_mahmud
5 stars for Customer Support – by ozankara
Thanks for everything. “Team viewer” support is amazing.
5 stars for Customer Support – by mertotrk
5 stars for Code Quality – by shamilfm
5 stars for Customer Support – by shamilfm
5 stars for Design Quality – by salamat
Great design, back end and everything… documentation explained every thing. and the team viewer support is awesome. I never made an app in my life until now because of Express Template it was fun and easy. Thanks, guys!
5 stars for Code Quality – by ibrandify
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