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DCOM is a direct commerce app for Android, developed by Towhidur Rahman.

It is a multi vendor e-commerce app. User can be registered as shopkeeper or as company .Companies will directly sell their product to the shopkeepers with this app. No third party is required here to sell or buy products so everyone get profited and thats why the app named (DCOM) or direct commerce .This is based on Firebase Firestore Realtime Database, Firebase storage & Firebase Authentication . The App is built with Kotlin and Jetpack Compose. It is supported from Android 5.2 (Lollipop) and above , development environment latest Android Studio

DCOM direct commerce Android - Best Ecommerce App for Android - 1 DCOM direct commerce Android - Best Ecommerce App for Android - 2


  • Android Studio or android project runnable IDE.
  • Firebase account for database management


  • Built on Android Studio with Kotlin & Jetpack Compose
  • Attractive UI
  • Graphics design is eye catching


  • Use Firebase for data storage, account management, database management and Authentication
  • Firebase online offline support


  • Login or Sign up just a single click
  • Firebase SMS OTP
  • Multi vendor
  • Register as company or shopkeeper with details
  • Custom dashboard with search
  • Custom FAB
  • Offers
  • Promotions
  • My order
  • View order
  • Product add, update, delete
  • Offline support
  • Autogenerated invoice
  • Zoom in/out
  • Company point
  • Update company and shopkeeper

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