CSS3 Form Pack

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CSS3 Form Pack


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CSS3 Form Pack features a large collection of form styles that are used regularly in websites. You get Search Forms, Login Forms, Contact Forms and General Form styles. Further all these forms are available in Dark and Light coloured versions, so you get a total of 224 form styles! The login, contact and general forms also have focus and validation error styles defined in the css.

The key features are:

  • 66 Search Form Styles
  • 33 Login Form styles
  • 12 Contact Form styles
  • A General form that features styles for – text box, textarea, radio button, checkbox, select box.
  • Focus and validation error styles for Login, Contact and General forms.
  • All the forms have various colour styles and also come in Dark and Light colour variations
  • Uses pure CSS and HTML5 and no images except icons have been used.

NOTE: These forms have been styled using CSS3 and look best in Firefox 3.6+, Chrome, Safari 4.0+, Opera 10.5+ and IE 9+. Javascript has only been used to enable support for some modern CSS3 features in older browsers like IE 8 and below. Also CSS3 PIE has been used to make the forms look good in IE 8 and below.


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