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Creative webview | Web2app converter | React Native

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Creative webview is a React native app which basic functionality is to display webpages into mobile device. So this is one type of web 2 app converter. In this app there is power ful webview engine which helps to fast loading webpages.


  • Android and iOS single code
  • 100% iPhone and Android compatible
  • Splash Screen
  • Clean and attractive Navigation menu
  • Contact form
  • You can add Multiple Websites
  • Powerful webview engine
  • One signal included
  • Material integration
  • Clean code
  • Easily integrate to older app.


  • This is a React native webview app which basic functionality is to display webview and Contact form.
  • In start of application there is nice splash screen with logo.
  • In this app there is powerful react native webview engine so all website automatically open fast in manner of speed.
  • Application included one signal code in which you can send notification to all installed users.
  • Also it has inbuilt contact form design so you can use it for inquiry or something like that.
  • This application is compatible with any Android and iOS Device.
  • The main benefit of this app is API/json.
  • All Name and URL working with an API/json. You can edit json file in source.
  • Also this app includes Navigation menu which is compatible in landscape and portrait mode.
  • Ready APK file for testing DOWNLOAD APK.

For Buyer (Read before you buy):

  • You must need knowledge of React native.
  • In order to modify the app you need to have knowledge in Mobile technologies such as React native, javascript, Android studio, Xcode.
  • You also need to be able to install React native and its dependencies on your machine. We recommend you to use the React native official installation guide https://facebook.github.io/react-native/
  • You can edit Menu and it’s URL from ‘source/Global/All_Data/drawer_menu.json’.
  • You must have Latest android studio version 3.2.1
  • You must have minimum Xcode version 9.4.1.
  • Here is the path ’/ios/React_Webview/AppDelegate.m’ with options that you want to debug in simulator which using same internet as laptop OR run in device without NPM.
    • For run in simulator OPEN[uncomment] this line : //jsCodeLocation = [[RCTBundleURLProvider sharedSettings] jsBundleURLForBundleRoot:@”index” fallbackResource:nil];
    • For run in device without NPM you should OPEN[uncomment] this line :   jsCodeLocation = [[NSBundle mainBundle] URLForResource:"main" withExtension:“jsbundle”];
    • anytime just one line is commented and another line is uncommented.
  • You must have knowledge of APP store guidelines for upload an APP.

Excellent Customer Support : 

  • You can use my 24×7 support where I do quickly answer your questions.
  • For Reskin and upload to the Play/App store you can contact me anytime. Just in $50.
  • Free Lifetime Updates.
  • Get all the new features free.


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