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Color Name Picker is a best tool to identify color names and color hex code. You can recognize color name using mobile camera or augmented reality AR mode.

You can also grab colour names by importing photos from the photo gallery. You can create your own color database or you can search color from our color database.

Color Bling Test:

If you are not sure that you are color bling or not ? We have a color blind test in this app. You can simply check your color bling status by identifying symbols and characters in color images. After answering the questions you will get the result at the end of the test.

How does it work?

There are two modes AR Camera Mode and Photo Gallery Mode.

AR Real Time Identification:

Open the application, take blind test or skip.

Point the Camera toward the color that you want to identify.

It will show you the color name and color family in real time.

You can add color and tap on the speaker icon, it will speak color details for you.

If you want more detail about color tap on the color circle.

It will give you more details about color e.g Color Name, Family Name, Hex Value, RGB code etc…

You can save in your color database or you can share these details with friends and family on any social network.

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