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OTA Release V2.6.9


Bug fixes & Improvements:

  1. Minor bug fixes.
  2. “Filter by” fixed for Invoice, Order, Vendor and in Proposal Page.

OTA Release V2.6.8


Bug fixes & Improvements:

  1. View order as customer Status Change.

OTA Release V2.6.7


Bug fixes & Improvements:

  1. Header background bug fixed.

OTA Release V2.6.4


Bug fixes & Improvements:

  1. Array key defined in staff member.
  2. Customer state name display.

OTA Release V2.6.1


Bug fixes & Improvements:

  1. Email send date update with current time.
  2. View as Order.

OTA Release V2.6


Bug fixes & Improvements:

  1. Task Timer in Timesheet page
  2. In stock of product should not be 0
  3. Customer Filter remove unused one
  4. Date of issue
  5. View as order
  6. Filter in Invoice.
  7. Invoice payment marked as draft
  8. Vendor not able to delete
  9. Redirect to expense from Invoice payment.

OTA Release V2.5


Bug fixes & Improvements:

  1. Customer import undefined.
  2. Image not update in tickets.
  3. Redirect Notifications for purchase.
  4. Staff old password check.
  5. Convert proposal to invoice address fixed.
  6. Update data for task milestone.
  7. Update customer address on invoice and order page.
  8. Check for duplicates units of measures.

OTA Release V2.4


Bug fixes & Improvements:

  1. Fixed privilege access.
  2. Add a feature of edit, delete in partial paid payment.
  3. Expense, Project redirection.
  4. Pie chart of product by warehouse.
  5. Risk percent.
  6. Invoice increment bug fixed.
  7. Task timer fixed.
  8. End recurring date bug fixed.
  9. Notification in order_Model.
  10. Default date selected fixed.

OTA Release V2.3


Bug fixes & Improvements:

  1. Php 8 issue required parameter issue fixed.
  2. Dompdf library update to latest version 2.0.0
  3. Image not found or unknown type on pdf fixed.
  4. Some packages updated using composer.
  5. PDF blank issues fixed
  6. Session clear toast
  7. Load constant into Share.php
  8. Installation file error.
  9. Notification in order_Model.
  10. Discussion & notifications redirect.

OTA Release V2.2


Bug fixes & Improvements:

  1. File upload on tickets, expenses.
  2. Order page convert to invoice , no details of customer displayed fixed.
  3. Expense page convert to invoice, no details of customer displayed fixed.
  4. Update email status.
  5. Leads convert to customer with contacts.
  6. Expense date selected to previous date.
  7. Inventory chart.

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