Chem Ionic Dices

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Chem Ionic Dices

“Welcome! Chem Ionic Dices is a basic game template with which you can show your own creativity with interactive and exciting rolling of ion dice!

In this fun and easy naming activity that has students roll a pair of virtual dice (one die represents the cation and the other the anion) to form an electrically neutral ionic compound and write the resulting chemical formula/name.

Have fun with these Chem Ionic Dices that makes learning both fun and training minds created especially for kids!

The dices are designed and rendered in C4d. Now you have dices, go-ahead and show your own creativity!

i have already done a project with these dices whose working demo based on this template can be found here.

all the best for your next chemistry project.


- Both c2 and c3 version included - HTML 5 game exported for your website - High Definition HD – Ready for deployment as app or on web - AdMob Ads Supported (Not included) - Easy to Reskin

If you have any questions, suggestions, or corrections, please contact and I will get back to you quickly!

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