Business Listing Flutter App with Admin Panel

by primocys


Nlytical – Business Listing Flutter App with Admin Panel

V1.0.0 | 15/009/2020
- Business Listing Flutter Android and iOS App with Admin Panel

Flutter is an open-source mobile application development framework created by Google. It is used to develop applications for Android and IOS.

User Features:

  • Login & Register Screen
  • Forgot password
  • Reset password
  • Profile
  • Get current location
  • Show stores kilometers from Current location
  • Multiple images and video show on each Stores
  • Explore All stores Listing
  • Explore All stores Listing on Google MAP
  • Filter based on Categories
  • Filter based on Rating
  • Filter based on Categories And Rating
  • Categories List
  • Categories Based Store
  • Featured Store show in Categories
  • Near By Stores
  • Populasr Stores based on Rating
  • Add review and list all review
  • Add Rating
  • Rating Couting on Overall Ratings of Users
  • Users can check own rating
  • Wishlist
  • Show Store Video or Youtube URL
  • Showing all review and rating on profile screen
  • Logout

Admin Panel (PHP codeigniter) Features:

  • Admin Login
  • Add/edit Vendors
  • Add/Edit/Delete Stores
  • Listing All review for specific store
  • Add/Delete review
  • Add Categories
  • Add YouTube embedded or MP4 Video in Store
  • Assign Store in Categories.


Fully Documentation:
Click Here

Download DEMO APK:

Click Here

Click Here




Password: 123456

Enjoy the business listing app with admin panel!

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