Beat Maker Android Application

Beat Maker Android Application Unity Ecommerce Mobile App template


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Steps to build
-Open project in Unity 2020.3.4f1 or later version.
-Change Admob app id & ad id.
-Change art assets as per your needs.
-Change package name & sign with your keystore.
-You are now ready to build for Android or iOS.

Ready to be published
-AdMob Banner & Interstitial ads are integrated.
-Ready for android & ios, no extra work required.
-64-bit complaint for  Google Play.
-Latest version of AdMob integrated.

-Puck Battle is a traditional Sling Puck board game.
-Puck Battle is a hyper casual type board game, which can be played between 2 players.
-Game motive is to sling all your pucks to the opponent arena to win game, opponent will also sling their pucks to your arena.

Game Features
-Play with friends in local multiplayer.
-Play with smart easy & hard BOT for quick fun.
-UI animations & particle effects.
-Cool audio effects.
-4 different types of puck designs.
-Easy to reskin.
-For Android, iOS.
-Smooth multi touch gameplay for local multiplayer.
-User statistics implemented.

Android Test APK

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