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Archery Unity Arrow Shooter Game for Android and iOS with Admob Ads Unity

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by itdev88
Archery Unity Arrow Shooter Game for Android and iOS with Admob Ads Unity Game Mobile App template


This application is perfect for:

  • Retail Store
  • Wholesale shop
  • Grocery store
  • Pharmacy
  • Workshop
  • Salon
  • Rental
  • and others

by purchasing the ultimate Point Of Store with Online Store, you will get:

  • Android Source Code.
  • Rest Api with php and mysql.
  • Backend.
  • documentation.

if you want to have another script with more full features you can buy it in the button below

Premium pos is a Point of sales application with the most complete and best features. with an application size that is small and light but has complete and sophisticated features

This application can be used for various businesses with a small and large scale.

You can have an application with features that other applications don’t have. This application is equipped with expense features, barcode scanning, Bluetooth printing, attendance features, payroll features and other features.

In addition, this application is equipped with a complete and integrated system of accounts payable, debt repayment and financial reports.

with this application you can find out where employees work, where to sell and where they are in realtime attendance

This system is equipped with a master admin to manage all features, sales to manage sales and admin to help master managing products and so on, all can be done on a smartphone that has this application installed

by having this script, you can change the splash icon, logo or appearance and color you want easily and quickly

Main Features:

  • Manage multiple Store.
  • Manage multiple Branch.
  • available master, sales and admin with different features.
  • managing employee positions.
  • managing customer and supplier debts
  • manage employee salaries and attendance
  • Create customers and suppliers.
  • Create product information with image.
  • Edit product information
  • Print receipt by POS printer
  • Share receipt to customers via social media
  • Add product using Barcode code
  • Product stock management system
  • Product Stock count
  • Product by category
  • Search product using QR and Barcode
  • Point of sales system with cart.
  • Create expense list.
  • Add/Edit product category
  • Add/Edit payment method
  • Attractive User Interface.
  • Product based Tax and discount system
  • You can add a service fee as well
  • Android 10 compatible
  • Programmed in Android Studio IDE
  • Development language is Java and kotlin
  • Enhanced documentation.
  • Admob support.


Demo Apk:

User: 081234567890
Password: 123456

Demo Backend:
Please open the following link
User: admin
Password: 123456

For help, change and add features and others, please use the contact us feature at codecanyon or contact us via email:

v2.0.1 - June 05, 2021
 - Adding Multi Store Features;
 - Adding Backend;
 - Script updates;
 - Minor bug fixes;

v1.0.0 - May 27, 2021
- First Release;

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