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Animated and Interactive Maps of Indonesia with Charts, Markers, and Pages

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Animated and Interactive Maps of Indonesia with Charts, Markers, and Pages


This apps will help you to present data on web pages without requiring more knowledge about programming. You only need to write your data in JSON format and write your page in markdwon file format than you already have a web page that represents your data on maps and charts.


  • Selectable vector map
  • Customize vector map styles
  • Display charts related with selected area
  • Display multi charts with multi chart type
  • Display markers based on geolocation with your own marker image
  • Visibility setting of markers and map tile
  • Display your pages in markdown format
  • Display local marker
  • Clickable local marker to show related data

Demo & Documentation

See Live Demo and find the documentation here .


This software is request the following frameworks:

  1. NodeJS (v10.20.1)
  2. Angular 9


Go to the project folder and run the following command using your terminal:

npm install

Make sure the installation succesful then run the following command to run the application:

ng serve --open

For more information please go to Angular offical website.

Run The Builded Application (Ready to use)

If you don’t understand how angular works, I provide an application that is ready to use. You can use it easily without having to install NodeJS and Angular first. Go to the dist/mapLinker folder and run the index.html file using a portable server, for example php-cli. Using the terminal, run the command:

php -S localhost: 3000

Go to your browser and access to the address http: // localhost: 3000 to run the application. Make sure you are connected to the internet.

You can also run the application using XAMPP. Make a folder on htdoc, for example with the name ‘mymap’. Move all application files into the mymap folder and then access to the address http: // localhost / mymap. Make sure XAMPP is running.

For global installation, you just need to put all the files in the folder into your hosting folder.

For more information about the data customization please read the documentation available on demo page.

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