Add a Screen-Beautiful React Native/Expo UI

by sai_kaza


Add a Screen is a collection of carefully handcrafted UI screen collection with full theme support to help you quickly get started on your React/Expo project.

1)Full React native web support
2)Login With Email Screen
3)Login With Social Authentication Screen
4)Email Password Login Screen
5)Magic Link Confirmation Screen
6)Magic Link Login Screen
7)Signup with Social Authentication Screen
8)SMS Authentication Confirmation Screen
9)SMS Login Screen
10)User Profile Screen
11)Basic Profile Screen
12)In App Purchase Screen
13)Notification Preferences Screen
14)Permissions Preferences Screen
15)Plan Options Screen
16)News Feed Screen
17)Order Details Screen
18)Simple Welcome Screen
19)Welcome Screen
20)Welcome with Social Signup Screen
21)Splash Screen
22)Notification Permissions Screen
23)Microphone Permissions Screen
24)Location Permissions Screen
25)Contact Permissions Screen
26)Camera Permission Screen
27)Calendar Permission Screen
28)Notification Permission Screen
29)App Profile Screen
30)App Settings Screen
31)About this App Screen
32)Item Detail View Screen
33)Store View Screen
34)Demo Screen
35)Blank Screen

Industry standard code full expo-web support

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