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3D Flip Box - Advanced Javascript Lightbox

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3D Flip Box is an advanced lightbox javascript application that takes the traditional lightbox user experience to the next level. The transitional effect is a creative implementation with each items being put on the opposite sides of a flipping plane where users can swipe left and right to trigger the transition . The Lightbox can display a variety of content including photos, inline html, embedded media from vimeo, youtube, google maps or AJAX content.

Multiple Screen Supported

From desktop to mobile, the application will adapts to each screen size while maintaining elegant design and user experience.

Modular design

Application components are designed and split into separated modules with different responsibilities. Effortlessly swap out one component with another to modify the app functionalities.

Elegant fallback

Elegantly fallback to Colorbox (jQuery lightbox) on legacy browsers where CSS 3D is not implemented

Extensibility with ease

Easily customize and extend the application with your own code. We provide standalone building blocks as AMD modules using RequireJS.

Full Features

  • Over 40 configuration options
  • 2D fallback using Colorbox
  • Grouping elements with rel attributes
  • Option to start slideshow
  • Multiple controls support with keyboards and mouse
  • Multiple Screen support: mobile, tablet. desktop
  • High quality code comments
  • High quality documentation
  • Deep linking features
  • Preloader customization
  • Vertical and horizontal flipping mode
  • Optional thumbnail bar
  • CSS preprocessor using SASS and Compass framework
  • Beautiful dark and light theme
  • Multiple SASS variables offering extreme flexibility to customize application look and feel
  • HTML preprocessor using Pug templates
  • Advanced build system with Grunt: easily create distribution and examples file with builtin tasks
  • Multiple examples files provided
  • Lightweight: only 20KB in gzip format

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3D Flip Box Bundle - Advanced Javascript Lightbox - 2 3D Flip Box Bundle - Advanced Javascript Lightbox - 3 3D Flip Box Bundle - Advanced Javascript Lightbox - 4

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