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Airmart – React Native Ecommerce Template

Abraham Customer

Looks good. How can I add this templ. to the WordPress website ?

Airmart – React Native Ecommerce Template

Manny Customer

I tried this product when there was a free version available And I also tested it in the Expo repo. Very cool components and design layouts is generally best. Now I will buy a license.

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Code.market is the largest marketplace that publishes the best free and premium React Native ui template templates and components every day. We collect the best projects from independent developers. Each template, React Native ui template templates, and components that you find on code.market are subject to strict moderation. All the templates that are presented on our market can be bought, some React Native ui template templates and components can be downloaded for free if the developer allowed to do this. If you downloaded the free React Native ui template template, do not forget to refer to its author if you use it in the public domain.

Our main goal as a marketplace is to provide quality products for buyers. Therefore, we follow every template that we post. On each page of the category, you can filter products by price, publication date, popularity, rating, etc. On the main page of the React Native category, featured React Native ui template

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What is React Native? This is a technology for developing mobile applications that allows you to write code once and it will run on iOS and Android. This technology can significantly reduce the development time of a mobile application. It is enough to write the application code once to make it work on all available devices and platforms.

This React Native feature makes it ideal for creating application templates on it. Supporting such an application will be a pleasure. You will not need to look for developers for different platforms.

Many developers are ready to provide support to customers of their templates in customizing applications, laying out in stores, and so on. Having bought a template, you can ask its author to help you launch the application in production. It will not only save you money, but it will also save time.