React Native Templates and Components

  • Office HR Features: Daily Attendance – Everyday attendance with reports of office check in time, check out time, working time & absent Location Tracking – Employees can check in, check out & check point of full day with live map location, you can find your worker in real time, all day timeline Employee Detail – read more

  • Eatance Driver is a mobile application design in reactnative framework that can be use by restaurant owner to manage their daily pickup/delivery task.Its simple shophistcated app where driver, restaurant and customer always on same page.Driver will be notified for all order placed .user can track his order in real time. Eatance Driver App Features: Simple, read more

  • Feed screen Profile screen Calendar screen Drawer screen Sign In screen Intro screen Intro screen Intro screen Sign Up screen Reset Password screen Article screen Comments screen Channel screen Timeline screen Settings screen Dashboard screen Feedback screen

    Full React Native bootstrap template. Based on the premium React Native bootstrap library. Well documented.

  • `React Native` currently creates vibrant wave in mobile application development. “Write once, Run anywhere”, then you can effectively produce mobile app across all platforms including `iOS & Android` by one language with “Native effect”. `UI` eases your journey and saves your time by introducing you how to build the app from scratch and supporting document read more

  • B-Chat Application is Messaging-app template Which you can use for your own purposes   Cross-Platform iOS and Android – React Native   You want to build an E-Commerce app like Amazon, eBay or Alibaba? but want to focus on functionality rather than designing UI / UX? then this template is for you.   DEMO APK read more

  • Rith Laundry is a responsive and stylish app created using React Native. It has clean User Interface created for laundry agency. It has optimized and well structured code and customizable features.   Credentials Admin username : admin password : admin Mobile App email : [email protected] password : 123456 NOTE : We will bring life time read more

  • PRESENTATION Zapes is a React Native App Template. That works both for iOS and Android. Comes with WordPress, we provide a “Customized Content” solution. What is “Customized Content”? Zapes transfers exactly all contents with different formats that you created in WordPress website into your mobile app without any coding skill and development time. To engage read more

  • <!DOCTYPE html> WhatsApp Redesign is a React Native Theme consist of 15+ screens with all UI components you might need for your next Chat Application. This is a complete redesign of WhatsApp made by Facebook. Note that, this project does not contain any back end functionality and its sole purpose is to provide you with read more

  • Podzie React Native Theme – is a React Native App that works both for iOS and Android. A clean UI made to create your own Podcasts App. Take a look at the documentation if you need to know a bit more about this theme.

  • <!DOCTYPE html> Register, Login & Navigation Drawer with API calling Complete Package Register, Login & Navigation Drawer React Native application with WEB API. We can provide with complete documentation how to set in your server. Complete guideline Available With this complete Package. Anyone can apply REST API

  • Attnd Features: – Everyday attendance with reports of office check in time, check out time, working time & absent – Employees can check in, check out & check point of full day with live map location, you can find your worker in real time, all day timeline Location Tracking ‍ Employee Detail – Get updates read more

  • OVERVIEW CareMatch is written in react native framework. React Native is the best framework for mobile application. They created iOS and Android application and also performance same like native base. CareMatch is a dating application. I have developed a UI/UX design without a backend. – We Provide you Email, Phone Login Screen. Verification Code Screen. read more

Choose from over 170+ React Native templates. Buy app templates from just $10. Moreover 750+ mobile templates available on from different mobile app cross-platform frameworks.

React Native is a user interface (UI) framework base in JavaScript programming language. Using React Native there is the simplest way to create cross-platform applications for Android and iOS based on a single codebase.

While the thought of learning yet another programming language may be off-putting, there are some pretty compelling reasons to give React Native Templates a try.

Cross-platform: By using the same renderer, framework, and libraries lets you create a single UI to run on both Android and iOS. To ensure your application feels equally at home on either platform. React Native provides states, components and many frameworks like bootstrap components. Plus a number of packages that give you access to some platform-specific services and APIs.

Compatible with other programming languages: React Native integrates with Java code on Android and Objective-C and Swift on iOS. If you don’t have to completely rewrite your applications to start using React Native Templates. React Native has a hot-reload function with Expo. It’s common practice to work on your application’s code while the application itself is running on a device. To test changes as you make them. The time it takes Visual Studio or WebStorm to push each set of changes to the running application. Can really eat into your development time. To help you be more productive.

Using hot reload, you’ll typically see the results of your changes in under a second. Application state is also preserved, so you don’t need to spend time recreating the desired state manually. If your app has a login screen you won’t have to re-enter your login credentials following each hot reload.