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React Native app templates

  • Samneang Music React Native Template is a concept of a musical app realized with the React-native and Javascript component technologies build into real native app for iOS and Android. it’s supported localization all text label used in one files only so easy to change use your own text label. Featured Library Filter Discover Radio Search read more

  • Dynamic webview store is a React native app which basic functionality is to display web based pages. So it means web to app converter. You can set Menu and it’s web URL in admin panel and view it on android and iOS device. and also you can add your store/shop location in admin panel and read more

  • Motors – Car Dealership & Classified Listings Mobile App for Android & iOS Motors App is a brand new React native app that gives you the ability to synchronize data between your website and app. No Paid Plugins Needed, Everything Inside. Launch your iOS and Android apps today! The app is fully compatible with the read more

  • <!DOCTYPE html> Register, Login & Navigation Drawer with API calling Complete Package Register, Login & Navigation Drawer React Native application with WEB API. We can provide with complete documentation how to set in your server. Complete guideline Available With this complete Package. Anyone can apply REST API

  • `React Native` currently creates vibrant wave in mobile application development. “Write once, Run anywhere”, then you can effectively produce mobile app across all platforms including `iOS & Android` by one language with “Native effect”. `UI` eases your journey and saves your time by introducing you how to build the app from scratch and supporting document read more

  • Test Users GrabCab Rider App – [email protected] / [email protected] GrabCab Driver App – [email protected] / [email protected] Upcoming Features for Next Version Social login with facebook. Multiple cab booking feature. Promo code/Discount feature. Payment gateway integration. Chat feature between rider and driver. Admin portal live driver tracking. Note:- Users who have purchased already will get the read more

  • React Native Mobile app for WooCommerce Expo Project Android demo – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mstoreapp.wooreact Dynamic Design Manage home design from admin panel easily. create hundreds of layout with simple settings. Give your customer a unique feeling every day. Dynamic Blocks Add banners or categories or products blocks from admin panel. Link banner to the category or product read more

  • Healer App Template – is a React Native Mobile app that demo UI for Android and iPhone. Manage drugs, doctor, book appointment, search doctor & hospital, indicators, send and push notifications. All the configuration is in one file only. Feature Include Regular React Native & Expo 56 Mobile Screen JPG Preview Android & iOS App read more

  • Features Infinite loading in dialogs Infinite loading messages in conversation Contact Sync Search by username Status message read/unread Count unread messages Real time messaging (Socket.IO) Separate socket server with redis for scaling Push Notification (with the ability to send notifications to different user devices) Display Local Notification Upload user picture (AWS S3) Send photo (upload read more

  • Podzie React Native Theme – is a React Native App that works both for iOS and Android. A clean UI made to create your own Podcasts App. Take a look at the documentation if you need to know a bit more about this theme.

  • Best react native ecommerce App template which is responsive and easy to integrate. Create your react native App UI within minutes. This is suited for professionals who want to create a new ecommerce app from scratch for react as as well as native beginners who want to learn how to create an ecommerce app and read more

  • Felix Travel – is React Native travel app template has built with simple structure for developer who need to develop application in short time Felix Travel is a React Native travel mobile app templates, multi-purpose travel booking mobile app templates that allows you to easily to customize and create your own travel booking mobile application read more

Choose from over 170+ React Native templates. Buy app templates from just $10. Moreover 750+ mobile templates available on code.market from different mobile app cross-platform frameworks.

React Native is a user interface (UI) framework base in JavaScript programming language. Using React Native there is the simplest way to create cross-platform applications for Android and iOS based on a single codebase.

While the thought of learning yet another programming language may be off-putting, there are some pretty compelling reasons to give React Native Templates a try.

Cross-platform: By using the same renderer, framework, and libraries lets you create a single UI to run on both Android and iOS. To ensure your application feels equally at home on either platform. React Native provides states, components and many frameworks like bootstrap components. Plus a number of packages that give you access to some platform-specific services and APIs.

Compatible with other programming languages: React Native integrates with Java code on Android and Objective-C and Swift on iOS. So you don’t have to completely rewrite your existing applications to start using React Native. React Native has a hot-reload function with Expo. It’s common practice to work on your application’s code while the application itself is running on an Android device to test changes as you make them. The time it takes Visual Studio or WebStorm to push each set of changes to the running application can really eat into your development time. To help you be more productive.

Using hot reload, you’ll typically see the results of your changes in under a second. Application state is also preserved, so you don’t need to spend time recreating the desired state manually. If your app has a login screen you won’t have to re-enter your login credentials following each hot reload.