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  • Bagunhaat– Complete e-commerce IONIC APPS Very easy to build your own Features Creative home page Nice Design Search Calling function Users can Post, Edit product Login, SignUp, forgot password Easy to setup Informative pages About us FAQs Privacy Policy Complete menu Sample product with images “cordova-android”: “6.2.3”, “cordova-plugin-apprate”: “git+”, “cordova-plugin-camera”: “2.4.1”, “cordova-plugin-compat”: “1.1.0”, “cordova-plugin-console”: “1.0.5”, read more

  • What’s new in version 2.24: Tabs with badges. Google Places autocomplete. What’s new in version 2.23: Youtube player stops playing in the background when the app is paused. Upgrade to Ionic 2 Ionic 2 is superior to Ionic 1 – period! Upgrade to Ionic 2 and enjoy its improved performance, new components, powerful set of read more

  • What’s new in version 1.12: Youtube support for both username and channel ID based URLs. Slide menu remains open on wide screens. What’s new in version 1.11: Fixes and update to Ionic 1.3. What’s new in version 1.10: Ionic library update, native scrolling, minor fixes and obfuscation of code. Feature request Help us improve this read more

  • For Ionic v2 and v3 templates with tons of functionalities included check Ion2FullApp Subscribe here to get offers and free ionic tutorials and code examples! October 18th: NEW UPDATE! We want to provide our users with a WooCommerce Integration, however, originally Bazaar is much more than an eCommerce app. For this reason is that we read more

  • Beacon Based Digital Food Ordering System – Quick Food With the increase in the mobile devices, the way of customer connection and interaction towards restaurants has been changed. Merge your mobile marketing effort with our new digital food ordering app QUICKFOOD made by the beacon Technology. Increase Footfall and Restaurant Sales with QUICK FOOD Beacons read more

  • Newspot is an innovative and trendsetter app UI design. The UI designed in such a way that it can be used on both Android and iOS platform. It also contains 24 fully layered and editable, high resolution screens and comes in photoshop CC 2017 format.

  • Ionic 3 Book Reader App The app Book Reader enables the book readers to browse, search and read books. You can also download a book to read offline. The app incorporates a beautiful design soothing to eyes of the reader. You can view list of available books, there authors, description and category. Read PDF books read more

  • BrandAPP is mobile application for your store to help your customers to follow your latest products with the ability to add store locations to be able to find the nearby branch using Google map API. It is based on two applications first one for customers and the other one for Administrator to manage the content read more

  • Create an awesome mobile app for your WordPress, WooCommerce store And you won’t even have to know to code Demo app – Try demo for your site – Read Online document – Tips and Tricks: Each section is called blocks. you can add unlimited blocks and so pages Blocks can be given read more

  • What’s new in version r16: Both Ionic 1.x and Ionic 3.x versions are included in the download file. Backendless is used as an alternative backend. What’s new in version 1.15: Wordpress and Drupal URLs are brought from JSON sources. Fixed plugin IDs. Support for Ionic CLI 3.x What’s new in version 1.14: Selection of km read more

  • TapShop is a full buy and sell application for Android that is made with Angular JS, Ionic, and Meteor. It includes mobile commerce features for shopping and selling products online with your smartphone, including chat messaging for buyers and sellers. BEFORE YOU BUY: This app is built with Meteor, so its recommended that you are read more

  • Questions you might have: Does it require any paid subscriptions or a custom server? No it does not. Firebase, OneSignal, Google services are free to use, with limitation only when you reach a high number of users. As for the server, the app uses Firebase from Google. Is it easy to setup? The hardest part read more