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Ionic Crypto Templates and Components

  • The Ionic Bitcoin App Starter is a quick start accelerator to aid in the creation of bitcoin apps. It is the complete solution to get you started on making your very own bitcoin app. Ionic is a powerful open source HTML5 SDK that helps you build native-feeling mobile apps using web technologies like HTML, CSS, read more

  • Full functional App! Market cap rankings, charts, and more. All your Cryptocurrency needs covered in one innovative app. To simplify: It’s CoinMarketCap.com as a simple & clean looking Smartphone App! Features: Orig. CoinMarketCap.com Data Search trough >2000 Coins 1h, 24h & 7d Change Share actual Price of a Coin View info directly on CoinMarketCap All read more

  • The app collects and show all crypto currencies got from COIN MARKET CAP site Show realtime price from CompareCrypto Main Functions Show Coin List Coin detail Favorites coin Installation Guides 1. Install NodeJS first 2. Open downloaded folder using CMD ( for Windows ) 3. Install ionic global using “npm install -g ionic cordova” 4. read more

  • Cryptoz is a full Ionic 3 cryptocurrency app for live tracking and watching cryptocurrencies prices, coins market data, crypto news, and live crypto conversion. – Live preview : Link – Google Play store : Link – App sotre : Link More than 1400 cryptocurrencies rates from Coin Market CAP including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Altcoin, Litecoin, read more