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Your Media Player template app

Your Media Player

What is this about

This application is a radio mp3 player that:

  • plays mp3, ogg, wav, m3u playlist files
  • allows you to create and save your own playlists
  • allows you to read from m3u playlist
  • allows you to search songs from your m3u playlist
  • allows you to access folders and files from “sdcard”
  • you can shuffle, randomize
  • and others…



  • fixed almost all the bugs.
  • implemented a new design.


  • added the option to listen to shoutcast radio.
  • read the links from pls files.
  • sorted the folders in alphabetical order.


If you want to talk about the weather or about this app you can contact me on:
E-mail: djcharon@yahoo.com
Skype: djcharonmix
Blog: Go to it.


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