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Vehicle Car Parking Slot Management System | ASP Net Core 8 | C# | MSSQL

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by codecanyon


Parking Management System

Easily manage your vehicles, users, buildings, floors, rows, and slots with detailed information and hourly rates. Real-time Dashboard: Gain instant insights into your parking operation with total counts of buildings, floors, rows, slots, free slots, booked slots, revenue generated, registered vehicles, and vehicle types.

Vehicle Setup:

  • Vehicles
  • Vehicle Types [Car, Bus, Truck, Bike]
  • Vehicle Users [Driver, Owner]

Parking Setup:

  • Buildings [Buildings, Front Field, Bay, Parking Zone]
  • Floors [Ground Floor, Underground Floor, Open Area]
  • Rows [Parkings Rows]
  • Slots [Space for vehicle parking, Hourly rates for each slots]


  • Total Count of Buildings
  • Total Count of Floors
  • Total Count of Rows
  • Total Count of Slots
  • Total Count of Free Slots [Available for Parking]
  • Total Count of Booked Slots [Parked Vehicles]
  • Total Amount of Revenue
  • Total Count of Vehicles [Already Registered]
  • Total Count of Vehicles by Grouping Vehicle Types [Truck: 10, Bus: 4, Bike: 16]

Parking In Out:

  • Easy to find Free and Booked Slots
  • In Vehicles to parking slot [Select parking slot number]
  • Out Vehicles from Slot [total duration of parking, total amount, add discount, net amount]

User Management and Database Backup:

  • Create user in different roles, Admin and Gateman
  • Create and Delete Database Backup


  • Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2022
  • ASP.NET Core 8.0
  • Entity Framework Database First
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Express Edition (64-bit) on Windows 10
  • Gentella Bootstrap(Free Comercial License), JQuery and more


Full source code, database scripts, full user guide


If you want to modify or add new features, you can always contact us -
WhatsApp: +8801722688266

Version 1.0.1

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