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Tele Medicine App

Tele Medicine App is designed to provide premium health care and support to users on the go from their mobile devices. The App includes features like Appointment Bookings & Consultations, manage Lab Reports, Vitals, Case Sheets, Prescriptions and much more. The App is developed for both Android & iOS.


Node JS – https://nodejs.org/
Ionic CLI – https://ionicframework.com/
Angular – https://angular.io/


Unzip the downloaded source code
Open terminal or cmd in the root directory of the source code/app
run “npm install” to add all dependencies
run “ionic serve” to run the app That’s all! You have your running app


Appointment Bookings
View all Upcoming and Previous Appointments
View & Manage Case Sheet
Manage, View and Download Lab Reports
View & Manage Vitals
Manage & View Prescriptions
Doctor Appointments: Online or Walk-in
Manage Assigned Specialists & Doctors
Calender, Reminders & Notifications

TESTING ON BROWSER You can test the app/source code at http://medas-clinic.demo.jeffreyaboh.co.uk/

TESTING ON ANDROID Download APK file from Google Drive at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ATcIq5yDK157RMMWXYdKjPB9kE1PmFMT/view?usp=drivesdk


For more information and support, email: [email protected]


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