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SPREE (Retail and Staff Management, Firebase Database Mobile POS) template app

SPREE (Retail and Staff Management, Firebase Database Mobile POS)

SPREE ( Retail and Staff Management, Firebase Database Mobile POS)

SPREE is a mobile-based point of sale for stores, Spree provides a wide range of features and a platform to easily manage stores, Customers, and Suppliers. Use SPREE for any store from shops, clubs, hotels to restaurants. SPREE stock management will be as easy as a button away. Do stock take and receive stock from your local suppliers easily. Send emails, texts, and calls from the app to your customers, staff, and suppliers. You can earn from this app through a saas enabled system app and ads on the app.


1. Manage Inventory

  • Create new product / Edit Products / Delete Products
  • Restock product inventory and purchase units from suppliers.
  • Print product labels.

2. Manage Sales

  • Make Sell
  • Checkout with Cash, Bank, and Credit
  • Easily scan product Barcode / QR code to add to cart list
  • You can connect a sale to the customer and staff for report references.
  • Print Receipts.
  • Reprint previous sales

3. Manage Customers

  • Create, Edit and Delete customers easily.
  • Get customer spending and sells history.
  • Call, Message and Email customers easily.

4. Manage Staff

  • Create, Edit and Delete staff easily.
  • Get staff audit log history.
  • Call, Message and Email staff easily.

5. Manage Suppliers

  • Create, Edit and Delete staff easily.
  • Get supplier’s purchases reports with products.
  • Call, Message and Email supplier easily.

6. Manage Purchase

  • Create purchases from suppliers easily.
  • Set product buying and selling price.
  • Set product units to be delivered.
  • Print purchase report.

7. Manage Store Expenses

  • Create and Manage Store Expenses.
  • Set an Expense type and assign it to someone.

8. Manage Devices

  • Create store devices.
  • Assign a device to a role.
  • Link a device to your stall (This is for security reasons).

9. Manage Store Documents

  • Create and Manage stall docs.
  • Create and Manage docs category.


Other Features

  • Material Design layouts.
  • Login / Register / Change Password and Change Email Supported.
  • Store Details page.
  • Multi user support and Multi stalls support.
  • Google ads.
  • Staff Login.
  • Print from Bluetooth and from third party printing software (USB, WIFI and Bluetooth)
  • And many more.

What you can do with this app

  •  You can create multi accounts for multi-stalls
  • Create Inventory
  • Create Staff
  • Create customers
  • Create Suppliers
  • Make a purchase
  • Make a Sale 
  • See Staff, Supplier and Customer reports
  • Restock Products


Our aim is to make spree the best point of sale mobile app in the market


V 2.0
App signup.
FIXED App POS Error.
FIXED App Adjust.
FIXED App Returns.
ADDED App Damages.
ADDED POS Register.
ADDED Device Session.
ADDED Staff Attendance on the app.
ADDED Leaves on the backend.
ADDED TODO on Backend.
ADDED MEMO on Backend
ADDED NOTICE on Backend.
ADDED Customer Wallet Checkout.
ADDED Coupons Checkout.
ADDED Gift Card Checkout.
ADDED STALL Document Management.
ADDED Price Change Report.
ADDED Product Logs Report.
ADDED Device Session Report.
ADDED Product Stock Adjustment.
ADDED Product Damages Report.
V 1.75
Removed App Signup only on Admin.
FIXED App POS Error.
FIXED App Brands Page.
FIXED App Store sales print a receipt.
FIXED App Category Page.
FIXED App Store Page.
FIXED App Staff Page.
FIXED App Customers Page.
FIXED App Supplier Page.
FIXED App Restocking.
V 1.7
Added Admin panel.
Added Product Brands.
Added Product Category.
Added Product Cover image.
New and improved user interface.
New and improved checkout page.
One-step checkout.
Now the app is based on Flutter.
Import and Export data from all modules.
Admin user audit logs.
V 1.6 
Added Store Devices. 
Added Store Reports. 
Added Purchase Print. 
Added Sales Reprint. 
Added a New Checkout page for tablets.
Added Staff permissions.
Added Crashlitics for the crash reports.
Fixed Staff login.
Fixed Checkout Crash.
Fixed Assets Bug.
Fixed Expense Bug.
And many more bugs
V 1.5
Added Store Packages.
Added Store Subscriptions.
Added New cart page.
Added New product list page.
Added Customer Credit.
Added Store Admin.
Added New Signup and Create Page.
Added Third-party printer support.
Added Google Ads.
Added Product VAT.
Added Cart Discount.
Added Push Notification.
Added Store Bank Checkout.
And many more extra features.
Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements.
Bug Fixes Bluetooth Printer not working.
Bug Fixes Bottom Navigation.
Bug Fixes Crush on checkout.
Bug Fixes Bluetooth Printer not working.
And many more bugs.

Demo App URL:


Demo Admin URL:

Admin Panel

Use this email on the app and admin. Email –:- castletechx@gmail.com and password –:- 123456. Device serial –:- 123456qwerty for the app.

For Custom Integration and any specific requirements, please send us an email at castletechx@gmail.com

Join the spree online Discord community at https://discord.gg/EeRhyb

Spree Online Documentation at https://docs.google.com/document/d/193fI0UPtQrae4tR9sLprQY26gfuUBK11aNOE-8xPp2s/edit?usp=sharing


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