Selig - Ionic ios/Android app with WordPress API

by wohligtransformations



  1. Ionic framework-Selig is created with the ionic framework, to give you the front end and UI fit for
    your needs. Because it’s time to work smart, not hard.
  2. Angular JS- Angular JS, the language whose
    extendability and performance is impressive, readable and quick to develop. Giving sorted and structured
    stability to the template.
  3. SASS-We knows what colours can do. And with SASS you can customize and
    play with all the hues.
  4. GRUNT- When automation is concerned, what could be better than Grunt.
    Compiling SASS files to CSS has never been easier. It makes an android app, ios app to run apps on
  5. Complete guide to help you understand and use this App.
  6. PhoneGap / Cordova Full Hybrid
    App using AngularJS + lonic framework
  7. AngularJS Controllers App, Directives, Services
  8. PhoneGap /
    Cordova Plugins.
  9. Already built for iOS and Android platforms using the Cordova Command-Line Interface
    – Build is included in the deliverable.
  10. Multiple coloured Home / Grid Layouts.
  11. Home, Article,
    About and FAQ listing windows are fetching data from JSON sources by using the JSON protocol from the
  12. Beautiful UI/UX
  13. Easy style customization
  14. Google Maps.
  15. Open any external link
    with InAppBrowser Plugin.
  16. Integrated with WordPress and Flickr.


Selig is a mobile template which can be used for blogging or multi-purpose use. Integrated with WordPress for
blog and Flickr for Gallery. Created with the ionic framework and supported by Cordova and Phonegap, it is
an application which enables the user to customise or use it the way it is. The template has a number of
pages with a strong back end to have a convenient user experience. The use of Angular JS, SASS and GRUNT
gives the template a rock-solid foundation.

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