Proffesional Multilanguage Starter Ionic Boilerplate

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Proffesional Multilanguage Starter Ionic  Mobile Boilerplate


Professional Multilanguage Starter is a clean, fast and well structured project that can be a perfect starter for any hybrid mobile application which needs multilanguage support;

We use the best practices and offer you a strong structure which can be used for your personal or commercial projects.

The project is functional and it is based on some powerful technologies like: Angular.js, Ionic Framework and Cordova. Besides this, Professional Multilanguage Starter has included and has configured Node, Bower, NgCordova, Grunt with multiple automatic tasks for live reloading, html/css/js minification, concatenation, code hints etc.

We have also included some Cordova plugins [device, console, ionic.keyboard, globalization, splashscreen, statusbar] to help us in development, to improve the functionality and to be able to fine tune some feature (as keyboard, splashscreens and status bar).

An important role here is the Globalisation plugin that lets us get the user’s preferences and in our case, the device language.

Save time by downloading and easy developing your application with the support offered.

It’s really easy to understand the project and use it. We did not include a lot of unnecessary things because this is a STARTER; it’s just a start point for your application which helps you and saves your development time.

  • Android and IOS platforms already installed in the project.
  • You need to be familiar (even a beginner) with Ionic Framework, Angular.JS, Cordova

! This starter is very useful also if you plan to learn this technologies.


  • on the first start, the app will get the user’s device language
  • if the device’s language is not supported by the application then we just set the default language (in this starter it is english)
  • from this moment, every start of the application will have the language that the user has set on the first start

+ Quick and Easy to change the language in your app even if you want to do it from a template, controller, service or a directive.

+ Quick and Easy to get the app’s selected language from everywhere if you need to send it to a server for communication with the client or for any other functionality.

+ Quick and Easy to add a new language in your app (and you are able to add an unlimited number )

What is included ?

  • a functional project (starter), well structured, for a multilanguage application (with Android and IOS platforms already installed).
  • app icon and splascreen template (psd)
  • 4 world flags packs (on different dimensions ) organized in sprites + their corresponding css code (* one pack is maps markers )
  • friendly support
  • documentation


For any technical support please send me a message via email: and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If more persons will require a functionality related to this starter,it will be implemented and will be offered as a free update.

But even if you need a particular functionality complementary to this starter just let me know and I’ll try to offer it to you.

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