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Online Word Quiz – Image Guess, Sound Guess Puzzle is an iOS native app that supports adding an unlimited number of categories and an unlimited number of levels inside each category with an unlimited number of puzzles inside each level, using an easy Admin Panel which connected with the Realtime Firebase database so you can update your puzzles online directly. Each puzzle support 3 format (text + image + sound) so you can use one format as (text only, image only, sound only )or you can use all formats together or making any combination between them as you like. The app is integrated with AdMob Ads and In-App purchase to remove ads.

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Admin Panel
password: 123456

The app is available also for Android, you can use one database and admin panel for both Android & iOS apps media&token=4acf826c-7c7f-48ea-8cfc-c4190b82761b

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  • Animated Splash Screen.
  • Online Realtime Firebase Database with ability to add unlimited categories and unlimited levels for each category and unlimited questions for each level.
  • Flexible questions: support 3 format (text + image + sound) you can use one format as (text only, image only, sound only )or you can use all formats together or making any combination between them as you like.

  • Countdown timer for each answer, with playing sound effect in the last 5 seconds, count down can be disabled, and the duration can be modified via Firebase remote config.
  • Leaderboard (Player name, rank, image, score) which shows the result in real-time. with the ability to define the max number of users in the leaderboard.
  • Show user progress and score average for each category.
  • Support using multiple words as an answer.
  • Sound effects and Animations.
  • Enable/Disable sounds easily.
  • Ask Friends: Share screenshot of the puzzle on social media apps.
  • Show Answer: After watching rewarded ad.
  • Skip feature, Erasing any letter from the answer by clicking on it..
  • Multi popup dialog: (Correct, Wrong, Rest time to show rewarded ad, Reveal the first letter, finishing the level(passed / failed)).
  • User profile: (Displaying the user name, email, image, score), ability to change the user name and image, with Login button for unregistered users and Logout button , Delete Account button for registered users
  • Responsive design, support iPhone and iPad and all screen sizes and orientations.
  • Signing by Google and Signing with Apple with a skip button.

  • The scores and data of the registered users are saved in the cloud database, to allow user to return to the same point when using the app on any device.
  • Showing a login button at the end of the level for unregistered users.
  • Showing a green icon on the completed levels.
  • Ability to reset any level.
  • Support LTR and RTL languages.
  • Ability to add any language alphabet to the answer choices.
  • Integrating In-app purchase to remove ads.
  • Side menu include:(Categories, Sound Effects, Remove Ads, Share, Rate, Contact us, Privacy Policy).
  • Ability to define a pass score average to unlock the next level.
  • Skip Question: After watching rewarded ad.
  • Consuming 1 score if answer is wrong.
  • Ability to define the number of consumed scores if the user skipped question, with checking if player own enough scores to skip question.
  • AdMob Ads (4 Types): Interstitial, Smart Banners, Rewarded video ads, and Open App ad.
  • Rest Time: Showing rewarded ad every certain number of puzzles with progress percent, that number can be changed flexibly.
  • Review the app , to rate and review the app without redirecting the user to the AppStore.
  • Firebase Analytics.
  • Support Firebase Push Notifications for active and inactive users (the notifications will be received when the app is working or not).
  • Xcode native iOS project, built with SwiftUI, Easy to customize with clean code.

  • Free Web Admin Panel, connected with the Realtime Firebase database so you can easily add, update, and delete your categories and questions online directly.
    The admin panel will be deployed on Firebase hosting for free and  no domain/hosting are needed.
  • Documentation included with step by step detailed guide for configuring the app and admin panel and reskin the app.

What will you get?

  • Full iOS App Source code.
  • Full Admin panel web App Source code.
  • Full Documentation for configuring the app and admin panel and reskin the app.


  • Version 1.0 (17th May 2023)
  • Initial release.
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