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(we have complete app (ios +android+web +backend


Extended License:FULL APP Andriod

Main functions of live broadcast system

1. Lianmai PK, you can choose pk mode, friend pk, happy pk

Start PK: Enter the PK exclusive page to display the power values ​​of both parties. The anchor with the highest power value within a certain period of time will win the PK.

Pk record: View personal pk record, showing the number of games, winning rate, and pk income

Pk rules: You can view the pk rules when selecting pk

2. Live streaming mall

Product management: You can view the product information of all users who have opened a store, and you can force the products to be removed from the shelves, delete them, and view the review list.

Product order list: A list of all order information on the platform. You can view the order ID, purchasing user, merchant, order number, product information, purchasing user receipt information, etc.

Refund list: A list of all order information on the platform that initiates refund applications. You can view the detailed information of refund orders, and display whether to apply for platform intervention, etc. Orders that apply for intervention can be rejected, agreed, etc.

Withdrawal records: You can view all withdrawal requests initiated by users, and you can agree, reject, etc.

3. Gift system

Gift list: Displays various gifts and props used to reward anchors. Different gifts have different values.

Reward anchors: Users select gifts from the gift list to reward anchors, which requires a certain amount of platform currency . If the currency is insufficient, users will be reminded to recharge.

4. Noble System

Display various noble information, activation requirements, and required fees

To activate the nobility, the user needs to spend a certain amount of currency to activate the aristocratic status.

Different nobles will obtain different noble privileges and exclusive identity marks for nobles.

5.Room management

The anchor can grant room manager status to any user, and the room manager can ban ordinary users.

Anchors or room managers can ban users. Banned users cannot send comments for a certain period of time.

Anchors can kick users out of the live broadcast room. Users who have been kicked out of the live broadcast room can no longer enter the live broadcast room to watch the live broadcast.


You can search for products by product name, and after searching, you can sort by sales volume, price, etc.

Displays the second-level classification of business categories added in the background. Click on this category to enter and view the third-level classification, and differentiate products according to the classification.

View the product name, price, sales volume, evaluation and other information, you can enter the store, purchase products, and collect products

7. Voice chat room

Chat room users can choose to minimize the chat room. After minimizing, it will be displayed in a floating window and you can hear the current chat room host talking to Maiwei users.

Users can apply to be on the mic, and the anchor can agree or reject it. Users who are on the mic can engage in interactive voice chat.

Anchors and users can send gifts to the anchors and Quanmai people in the Mai position, and support continuous gift sending.

8. Added youth mode

To regulate the behavior of young people online in all aspects

(here photo:)

Short video and dynamic main functions

1. Post a video

Set cover: Set the cover image for publishing short videos

Set music: Set the background music for publishing short videos

Edit profile: Set dynamic information when posting videos

Confirm publishing: Publish the video after editing it

2. User operations

Comments: Comment on a video or review

Like: Like the video or comment

Share: Share short video

3.Dynamic page

Displays updates posted by anchors and platform users. Updates include pictures, text, and videos. Users can only view updates from anchors and users they have followed.

Advantages of live broadcast system development

1. Complete system with complete functions

Yunbao Live Broadcasting System is a complete and fully functional video live broadcast platform system program. It has many functions and a complete backend operation and management system.

The front desk includes multiple classification functions such as anchor system, gift system, game system, pk system, live broadcast delivery system, etc.

The backend includes basic settings, user management, financial settlement, interface style, database management, activity management, etc.

2. Stability guarantee

Multiple live broadcast systems have been built and cooperated with customers at home and abroad.

3. System security guarantee

The system has high-strength anti-injection and cross-domain attacks.

The interface monitoring system provides real-time alarms to maintain the security of the interface system.

The server monitoring system provides real-time alarms to maintain server security.

4. Professional team

Professional development team to deal with various emergencies

Provide customers with comprehensive business guarantees, strong 

team building, and professional operation and maintenance teams


To make this app running, You will require additional services listed below. Some of them might be paid as well. Please pay attention to it. We don’t provide refunds in case buyers don’t know about these requirements.

Web Hosting with cPanel

Domain name

Firebase Blaze Plan (Real-time chats and Live stream comments):

Agora (Live streaming) :

Branch (Deep Linking):

Google Play Console & Apple Developer Programme (To publish the app)

Tencent :

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