Logzee - A Logistic Cargo PSD Template

by mannatstudio


Logzee HTML Version

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Logzee is a stylish & modern Logistics PSD Template with a high-class business design. It is perfect for trucking, transport bureau, logistics agency, warehousing, transportation firm, shipping company, package delivery and corporate freight services.

The theme comprises the most useful features to ensure your logistics business runs smoothly. It is also great for businesses related to expedited parcel dispatch, overnight post services, supply chain solutions & blog. Above all it is fully responsive to give your customers a chance to reach you via their mobile devices and many other handy functions and options to create a strong online presence for your logistic business! They include: pricing tables, services, portfolio, newsletter and more.

We have inlcuded 20 fully editable files Including 5 Home Page Color Varitaions

The including files are listed below:

  1. 02_Logzee-home.psd
  2. 03_Logzee-home.psd
  3. 04_Logzee-home.psd
  4. 05_Logzee-about.psd
  5. 06_Logzee-services.psd
  6. 07_Logzee-bloglist.psd
  7. 08_Logzee-bloglist-standard.psd
  8. 09_Logzee-blog-grid.psd
  9. 10_Logzee-blog-single.psd
  10. 11_Logzee-project-grid.psd
  11. 12_Logzee-project-masonary.psd
  12. 13_Logzee-contact.psd
  13. 14_Logzee-contact-option.psd
  14. 15_Logzee-request-page.psd
  15. 16_Logzee-request-popup.psd
  16. 17_Logzee-search-popup.psd
  17. 18_Logzee-pricing.psd
  18. 19_Logzee-shortcodes.psd
  19. 20_Logzee-typography.psd
  20. 21_Logzee-extra.psd
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