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LiveKelas - Best Education Platform

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by codecanyon
LiveKelas - Best Education Platform Flutter Education Mobile Full Applications


What is Livekelas

Introducing Livekelas, the ultimate mobile education app designed to bring the classroom experience straight to your fingertips. With our app, you can access a wide range of academy features, including subject attendance, interactive lessons, and remote presentations. Whether you’re a student or a teacher, our app has everything you need to enhance your learning experience.

The app is designed to cater to different user types in an academy, including institution admin, teacher, student, and parent. Each user type has its own set of features and capabilities, ensuring that everyone has a personalized and seamless experience. Institution admin can manage the whole system, teacher can manage the class, student can access the class, and parent can monitor their children’s activity.

In addition to the academy features, Livekelas also includes a public article and forum section, where users can access a wide range of educational content and engage in discussions with other users. As a buyer, you will not only have access to all the features mentioned above, but also the ability to generate revenue through our integration with mobile Admob. Admob is a mobile advertising platform that allows app developers to monetize their apps by displaying ads. By purchasing Livekelas, you will have the opportunity to earn money through ad revenue while providing a valuable service to your users.

Livekelas is now available for purchase on the marketplace. It is compatible with both Android and IOS devices. Don’t wait any longer, purchase Livekelas now and take the first step towards a better education for all user types, while also generating revenue through Admob integration.



Public Feed

Article | Forum with comment system


Complete school management system including:

Classroom | Subject | Lesson | Student Task | Quiz | Attendance | Assessment | Gallery | Academy Report including all school management.

Lesson: Video | Text | SlideShow (Ability to remotely control in all student device)

Users: Admin | Teacher | Student | Parent

Chat AI

Modern Chat AI powered by ChatGPT with ability to remember chat 

Chat AI as learning assistant.

Token based | save conversation | remember previous conversation


as the owner of the App, you will get revenue from:

Google Admob | Chat AI Token | University Subscription


To Do

Private chatting | group duscussion | public competition


Note: Be the 50 first buyers and get the ability to suggest new features, customization, and free Admin Dashboard Management.



Demo Account

Institution Admin: [email protected] (12345678)

Institution Teacher: [email protected] (12345678)

Institution Student: [email protected] (12345678)





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