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Hungry – Free Flutter Recipe App template app

Hungry – Free Flutter Recipe App


Hungry is a Free Flutter Recipe App Starter Template that can help you develop a Recipe application much faster. You just need to add some adjustment to the frontend and you can create your own backend.

App Screenshot

Whats inside

  • Welcome Page
  • Bookmarks Page
  • Delicious Today Page
  • Explore Page
  • Full Screen Image Page
  • Home Page
  • Newly Posted Page
  • Page Switcher
  • Profile Page
  • Recipe Detail Page
  • Search Page

  • Login Modal
  • Register Modal
  • Search Filter Modal

  • Category Card Widget
  • Custom App Bar Widget
  • Custom Bottom Navigation Bar Widget
  • Custom Text Field Widget
  • Dummy Search Bar Widget
  • Featured Redipe Card Widget
  • Popular Recipe Card Widget
  • Recommendation Recipe Card Widget
  • Recipe Tile Widget
  • Review Tile Widget
  • Step Tile Widget
  • User Info Tile Widget
  • Ingridient Tile Widget


Step 1:

Download or clone this repo by using the link below:


Step 2:

Go to project root and execute the following command in console to get the required dependencies:

flutter pub get 

Step 3:

You can run this project by using this command

flutter run

About the Author

Hungry is Developed by mrezkys The User Interface are designed by mrezkys

Thanks To

Iconly, icons that i used on this project, created by Piqo Design


Hungry is under MIT License.


You can support me at trakteer
Trakteer Saya


Now Hungry already relased v1.0.0


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    Updated on: 05 April 2022
    Created on: 05 April 2022