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Hospital Ionic Application Support i18n template app

Hospital Ionic Application Support i18n

Hospital Ionic Application Support i18n

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Hospital Ionic Application Support i18n - 2

This hospital application template build in using Ionic Framework with applied i18n support. The whole application has been focusing for any hospital. Now three languages applied in this app for english, arabic and spanish but you can add or remove any language. This app build very simple design concept and maintain proper project structure and sass based css. This application uses best practices of angularjs mainly we follow the John Papa coding structure.


Ionic Viewer

Preview this application on IOS and Android using Ionic View. Please download this Ionic View application from – [Ionic Viewer]. Use the app ID – a6dbf879


  1. Landing Page
  2. Login Page
  3. Signup Page
  4. Forget Password
  5. Home Page
  6. Hospital Services
  7. DoctorsCategory
  8. Doctors List
  9. Doctor Panel
  10. Appointment
  11. Calendar
  12. Location Google Map
  13. About Us
  14. Contact Us
  15. i18n Internationalized
  16. Settings
  17. Logout


  1. Internationalized i18n multiple language options by default now Its English language, There are options to change the Language from the settings panel.
  2. Manage events by Calendar. We used Angualr full calendar for the calendar event. Please find the package details from [Angular UI Calendar]
  3. Applied Google Map Component
  4. Full page slider of Home
  5. Animated design that is clear and meaningfull
  6. RTL Support
  7. Best practice we used John papa coding structure
  8. Applied JHHINT and ESLINTRC
  9. For Translation we apply [Angular Translate]. Because angular translate is very simple flexible, Its provides components like filters and directives, asynchronous loading of i18n data etc.
  10. SCSS instead of CSS
  11. Cross platform of IPhone and Android.


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    Updated on: 22 July 2020
    Created on: 22 July 2020