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Covid-19 Corona Flutter App

          Covid -19 Corona Flutter App Live Update

Covid -19 is a Corona screening tool developed in flutter.User can easily screen whether they are in risk or not .Also user will be able to get live statistics from WHO and live news update from WHO. In one app user can get everything. Also they will get tips and notifications.

  • Works on Smartphones and Tablets on iOS and Android.
  • Material Design
  • No login required, Latest updates on COVID-19.
  • Support firebase database
  • Push notifications
  • Realtime statistic and news of sickness
  • Real-time Coronavirus related news
  • User can check whether they are affected or not by clicking Start Screening button.
  • User can get Live News Update of Corona Virus epidemic.
  • User can get information about social distance and isolation to stay safe from this virus.
  • Support “pull to refresh” news.
  • Admob support.
  • Firebase Analytics.

Covid-19 Corona Flutter App - 1

News Source : https://www.who.int/feeds/entity/csr/don/en/rss.xml

Statistics Data Source : https://rapidapi.com/Gramzivi/api/covid-19-data

Note : Play store is rejecting most of the items related to the covid-19 / coronavirus.



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