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Carent – Rent A Car Flutter Apps template app

Carent – Rent A Car Flutter Apps

Carent is Rental Car Flutter Apps. Marketplace rental car. Carent connects between Customer (User) and Owner Car (car renters). Customer have many abilities Book a car (options date & note rent), Comment and Private Chat to Owner. 



Owner have capabilities create A Rental to Book, Support 3 images, Reply Comment and Private Chat to Customer. Once book a car success, create notification to Owner & Customer (Recent History Transaction).


Carent Flutter Apps integrated with API Backend Restful (JSON), PHP 7 up to, MySQL Database (PHPMyAdmin), Firebase Authentication, Cloud Firestore, Cloud Messaging, Storage (images), Firebase Push Notification and also Admob Ready monetize (Freemium). Support dual languages (Indonesia & English), easy to re-skin, customize.


Backend API Restful (JSON) PHP 7 + MySQL Database PhpMyAdmin.

GetX Plugin Flutter : http://pub.dev/packages/get Lite, Smooth, Compact, Almost 99% Stateless Widget Flutter.


Running well both Android & iOS (Cross Platform Framework)


Main Features:

  1. Sign-in & Sign-up User (Customer or Owner Registration)
  2. Login using PhoneNumber & Password.
  3. Have 4 (four) Tabs, Homepage, Recent, Chat, Profile.
  4. Homepage (Searching car, Slider Ads, Category, Latest, Owner, Popular rental content)
  5. Homepage also have two buttons at the top, Favorites and Alert Notifications
  6. Recent page is transaction history rental car. (Section Active & Done)
  7. Chat page is chat history between Owner & Customer (Section Rental & Friend), text and image content.
  8. Profile page is user profile (Customer or Owner profile), update profile, change photo profile and so on..
  9. Detail car page, button Like/Dislike (Favorite) – Customer only.
  10. Book page (add new rent car for Customer only)
  11. Firebase authentication, messaging, cloud firestore , storage, push notification ready (rental transaction and also new message chat)
  12. AdMob Google ready  (monetize apps) – freemium.



  1. Server and domain hosting
  2. Backend API Restful (JSON) using PHP 7 Code Igniter  Framework + MySQL (PhpMyAdmin)
  3. Flutter Framework (https://flutter.io)
  4. Visual Studio Code (Dart)
  5. Run flutter (flutter pub get, flutter run on your emulator / device)


Image: https://erhacorp.id/upload/feature_carent2021.jpg

Youtube Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-1oRQCD6nc

Apk Demo Link:  http://bit.ly/CarentDemo

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    Updated on: 14 March 2022
    Created on: 20 February 2021