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AuctionXpress Android

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AuctionXpress is an e-commerce application that allows you to sell and buy products online easily and quickly. With AuctionXpress, you can enjoy the following features:
  • Page of sale of articles: Browse the different articles available in the categories of your choice, such as clothing, books, electronics, etc. Filter the articles by price, popularity, novelty, etc.
  • Login page: Log in to your AuctionXpress account with your email address and password, or with your Facebook, Google, or Twitter account. Create a new account if you don’t have one yet.
  • Group chat: Chat with other users of AuctionXpress in thematic rooms, such as fashion, cooking, sports, etc. Create your own room and invite your friends to join it.
  • All Chat: Send private messages to any user of AuctionXpress, whether to ask for information about a product, negotiate a price, or simply get to know each other.
  • Profile page: Customize your AuctionXpress profile with your photo, name, bio, preferences, etc. Check your purchase history, favorites, ratings, etc.
  • Product details page: Access the product details page by clicking on the item that interests you. Find the product description, technical features, photos, price, availability, etc.
  • Review page: Give your opinion on the product you bought or are considering buying. Check the opinions of other users, as well as the average rating of the product.
  • Review image: Add a photo of yourself with the product you bought or are considering buying. See the photos of other users, as well as the associated comments.
  • List of comments: Read the comments of other users on the product you bought or are considering buying. Leave your own comment, by answering questions, sharing your experience, giving advice, etc.
  • Product rating: Rate the product you bought or are considering buying, based on your satisfaction, quality, value for money, etc. See the rating of other users, as well as the overall rating of the product.
  • Address page: Enter or modify your delivery address, indicating your name, phone number, city, neighborhood, street, etc. Choose the delivery method that suits you best, among the options offered by AuctionXpress.
  • Order summary: Check the summary of your order, by verifying the items, quantities, prices, delivery charges, total amount, etc. Modify or cancel your order if you wish.
  • Payment by USSD code: Pay your order using the USSD code of your mobile operator. Receive a confirmation SMS with the code to dial on your phone. No need for a credit card or an online account.
  • List of all articles: Access the list of all the articles available on AuctionXpress, sorted by alphabetical order. Search for a specific article using the search bar.
  • Basket available: Add the items you like to your basket, by clicking on the “Add to basket” button. Check your basket at any time, by clicking on the icon at the top right of the screen. Modify the quantities, delete items, or proceed to the order.
  • Online PDF reader: Read PDF files online, without having to download them or open them with another application. Enjoy the books, magazines, reports, etc. available on AuctionXpress.
  • Form to publish a PDF: Publish your own PDF file on AuctionXpress, by filling out the form with the title, category, description, price, etc. Share your knowledge, creativity, passion, etc. with other users of AuctionXpress.
  • PDF download: Download the PDF files you bought or want to consult offline. Save them on your device, print them, transfer them, etc.
  • Chatgpt assistant: Contact the chatgpt assistant of AuctionXpress, by clicking on the “Admin” button. The chatgpt assistant is an intelligent virtual agent that can answer your questions, give you advice, guide you, entertain you, etc.
We update our application regularly by adding features, improving performance, fixing bugs, etc. Download AuctionXpress now and enjoy the best e-commerce experience possible!

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