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Astrozodia Ios Full Applications

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by codecanyon codecanyon


This app is designed to captivate users with its blend of mysticism and interactivity. It’s not just an app; it’s a journey into the mystical world of fortune-telling and zodiac insights, combined with engaging content.

Magic Cookie: A digital twist on the classic fortune cookie, offering users daily insights and fun surprises. It’s an interactive feature that keeps users coming back for their daily dose of fortune. Magic Ball: Remember the excitement of shaking a magic ball and waiting for the answer to appear? I’ve digitalized this experience, providing users with entertaining and sometimes witty responses to their yes-or-no questions. Zodiac Compatibility: This feature offers users the chance to check their compatibility with different zodiac signs. It’s not only fun but also provides insightful astrological information, making it a hit for those interested in astrology. Blog: A dedicated space for articles, updates, and news related to mysticism, astrology, and fortune-telling. This feature is designed to engage users and keep them returning for fresh and interesting content.

As the potential owner of this business, you’ll be stepping into a market filled with users eager for mystic experiences and insights. The app’s diverse features cater to a wide audience, from those seeking a quick fun fortune reveal to astrology enthusiasts.

Key Features:
  • Magic Cookie
  • Magic Ball
  • Zodiac Compability
  • Blog
  • Auto-renewable subscription model
  • SwiftPackageManager for easy third-party integration
  • Xcode 15 and above
  • iOS 13 and above (physical device or simulator)
  • Apple Developer account

Product tags

    • 6 month free support included from author
    • Free lifetime product updates guarantee
    • 360 degrees quality control
    Secure payment & money back guarantee

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