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AirMart – React Native Ecommerce App Template React native Ecommerce Mobile App template


React Native Ecommerce Template React Native Ecommerce Template React Native Ecommerce Template React Native Ecommerce Template React Native Ecommerce Template React Native Ecommerce Template React Native Ecommerce Template React Native Ecommerce Template React Native Ecommerce Template Looking for a visually appealing React Native eCommerce template? We have showcased through full application themes you find today that are still actively updated and maintained. In the following paragraphs, you will be able to investigate all about amazing eCommerce category application themes. Our short article will scrutinize you decide the application themes that best fits for you. Each of them has specific elements that will be useful for the kind of both platform iOS & Android apps you want to start. All are easily convertible and adaptive for your purpose. In this article we assemble for you Airmart – React Native eCommerce template. We have an idea: React Native e-commerce apps that easily connect to any eCommerce by few clicks. And we create the biggest e-commerce application template that has ever been made based on React Native. Inside you will found more than 30 screens for creating full-functionality e-commerce applications. It is a high-performance application template for your project and clients. The template contains: cart, profile, user cabinet, reorder functionality, attributes from products and more 30+ useful screens.

Why you should buy Airmart – React Native e-commerce app template

  • Save more 1000 hours of development
  • iOS and Android cross-platform applications
  • Hight performance and stable product
  • No coding skills requirements
  • Easy to customize the application
  • Suitable for any E-commerce applications

Fully Compatible with iOS and Android typography guidelines

To create an application template we use Android and iOS typography guidelines combine with Google Fonts in the example we used Work Sans. It’ a full free Google Font with MIT license. As a result, you can easily change it inside app files and everything is will be good.

Screens and Features

  • Home Screen
  • Parent Product Category Screen
  • Child Product Category Screen
  • Product with discounts inside Category Screen
  • Variable Product Screen
  • Simple Product Screen
  • Cart Screen
  • Check out Screen
  • 4 User Profile Screens
  • 3 Authorization Screens
  • Delivery Screens
  • 4 thank you Screens
  • Additional Information Screen
  • Reviews Screen
  • Product Attributes Screen

Super responsive dimensions

All screens components based on device screen dimensions – as a result, it doesn’t matter what device screens dimension you have, all components will look great.

Which React Native eCommerce template compatible?

  • Fashion Store
  • Cars tools
  • Furniture online store
  • Bags
  • Shoes
  • Sneakers
  • Water Delivery Store
  • Home Decore
  • Toys
  • Kids Goods Store
  • Food Shop

Dependencies inside

@expo/samples: "2.1.1" 
@expo/vector-icons: "^10.0.0" 
axios: "^0.18.0" 
expo: "^35.0.0",
expo-asset: "~7.0.0" 
expo-font: "~7.0.0" 
react: "16.8.3" 
react-native: "" 
react-native-elements: "^1.1.0" 
react-native-keyboard-aware-scrollview: "^2.0.0" 
react-native-swipeout: "^2.3.6" 
react-native-swiper-flatlist: "^1.0.10" 
react-navigation: "^3.11.1" 
react-native-gesture-handler: "~1.3.0"
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