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Adventure Travel – React Native App

version: 1.0.1

With Adventure Travel App we want to offer more than a set of
components and styles. We have carefully created a project where we aim to
provide a simple structure for any kind of React Native project, allowing
you to adapt, reuse and create react native components easily.

For this project we have been inspired by an Adventure Travel Agency,
however, we intend that this project can also be used in a wide range of
businesses. If you had a web page for your business, Adventure Travel
supports you to convert/extend your current websites to mobile app

What do we support in general?

  • Support for iOS and Android
  • React Native with JSX
  • Redux
  • ECMAScript/JavaScript code standardization, format and validation
  • Backend integration with Firebase
  • Realtime Database (Store and sync remote data)
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Google Maps integration
  • Flexible variable uses via config file
Documentation docs.svalbard.dev
Android demo play.google.com
Issues github.com/svalbard-app/adventureTravel/issues
Contact [email protected]

Adventure Travel - React Native Template - 1


Buy One, Use Lifetime and Get Free Updates

Adventure Travel - React Native Template - 2
Adventure Travel - React Native Template - 3

  • Easy customization for your brand
  • Instant Search
  • Search history
  • Information synchronized across devices
  • User Profile
  • Walkthrough animation
  • Header animation
  • Easy to change colors and styles
  • Regular feature update


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