Top 7 Best Taxi Application Templates

These days taxi apps like Uber have become a very common way to book a taxi. And they are gaining in popularity every month. The interesting thing is – this market still has plenty of space for new players. In some countries, especially in smaller cities, competition between taxi apps is quite low or doesn’t exist at all. So there are still plenty of opportunities. That’s why today we have decided to prepare for you a list of seven best multiplatform taxi application templates.


1. Grab Cab

Grab Cab is really great for taxi booking apps creation and a top pick in our list of taxi application templates. All thanks to smooth design, well-optimized code, responsive interface and simplicity. As always with taxi booking tools, Grab Cab app will have separate accounts with different screens for Driver and Rider. There is an account side menu for both drivers and riders, login page, registration page (different ones for the two types of users). The app users would also be able to select the cab types, check ride details, ride history page and so on.


2. React Native Taxi App Theme

React Native Taxi App Theme, based on React Native and NativeBase, also is a very nice template for a taxi app. Some of its distinctive features would be fully customizable pages, a rich collection of UI elements and several widget areas that allow you to extend the app functionality with plugins. Besides that React Native Taxi App Theme is built using Redux, and is performance optimized.


3. SimonTaxi – best taxi application templates

SimonTaxi is a taxi application template built with Ionic 3.6 framework. The developer also offers a WordPress Theme with the same name, and this template is fully compatible with it. This product has a number of modules which you can use in your own app. Bookings Module is the main one, allowing user to confirm a booking, start a ride or cancel bookings. A number of other modules are available with lists of bookings. Like All Bookings, New Bookings, Confirmed Bookings, Cancelled Bookings and so on. SimonTaxi also has push notifications from One Signal. When driver changes the status of booking, the customer will receive a push notification.


4. Call My Cab Mobile App – best taxi application templates

Another product is our list of the best taxi application templates, based on the Ionic framework. Call My Cab offers really advanced online cab booking and dispatch system. The template could also be used to build a car rental application. Call My Cab has nice design and well-made interface that supports one step easy booking process. Other features are also there. Like Google API integration, separate apps for driver and passenger, option for setting cab types, all booking details and so on.

Taxi application templates


5. AloTaxi – best taxi application templates

One more nice template built on Ionic framework with HTML5/CSS3 and Angular JS by Google. Could also be used to create an app for delivery service or food and drink services. Easily customised, includes Google Maps API and has some interesting design decisions.

Taxi application templates


6. Taxi UI Application

Nice and simple template. Includes Google Material Design, Facebook login Integration, Google plus Login Integration, Favourite Location with local Database access and more. Well-designed interface would be the best part of this template.

Taxi application templates


7. Taxi Application Android & iOS Solution

Another well-made template with separate versions for iOS and Android. Offers really nice performance, reliable, easy to install. Quite customizable both on server and client side.


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