Top 7 Best Delivery Application Templates

Nowadays more and more people are ordering food online with delivery. It is faster and easier than going to the restaurant. And with multiple templates built on multi-platform frameworks such as React Native and Ionic available, it has never been easier to create your own mobile delivery app. That’s why today we have prepared for you a top of the best delivery application templates!


1. Food App Template

This is a really good template not just for delivery, but for any food-related business apps. It is easy to set up, well optimized and has nice design. Food App Template is one of the best food delivery template options based on React Native platform.


2. Caterfood React Native Template

Another great React Native-based template made primarily for catering services’ apps. But could be also used for other types of food delivery services. Caterfood has a lot of customization options that are easy to apply, from colors and fonts to active components.


3. Aya React Native

Aya is a simple React Native template that would be useful for any food or goods delivery company. With this template you can create a small mobile app to track real-time location. With Google Maps integration, such an app could be a good tool for route tracking during orders delivery.


4. Food Delivery App Template – best delivery application templates

One of the most sophisticated food delivery application templates made on React Native. This template is integrated with Firebase, so it is already hooked to a server backend. Has pretty much all functions you could possibly wish to see in a food delivery app. Food menu, categories, Orders page, Reservations, Cart, Search, Customer profiles, Order history and more.

delivery application templates


5. Food Ordering & Delivery – best delivery application templates

First tool in our list of the best delivery application templates build on Ionic 3 framework. This template would be a good choice for a food delivery from multiple restaurants. It is possible to include a variety of cuisines and menus in the app. It would allow customers to have a really good choice of dishes to order.

delivery application templates


6. Ion Pizza – best delivery application templates

Nice template made specifically for pizza delivery businesses. Based on Ionic 3 framework. Nicely designed, easy to use and well-optimized.


7. On Demand Food Delivery App Template – best delivery application templates

Another Ionic-based template. Quite flexible, this template could also be used for other kinds of delivery businesses. Or customized for a particular kind of food delivery from multiple places.

delivery application templates


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