Top 6 Best Real Estate Application Templates

Real estate market, as well as many other markets, has been influenced by the mobile apps development quite a lot. Mobile apps are helping real estate agents and property owners to save time when managing meetings with clients, properties viewing and contracts signing. At the same time they also serve customers allowing them to access many types of additional information like property reviews, agent reports and more. Today we have prepared for you a list of the best multiplatform real estate application templates to create a mobile app for Android and iOS as easy and quickly as possible.


1. Myyaow Realtor

Myyaow Realtor is certainly one of the best among real estate application templates based on React Native. This theme allows you to create a quite well-designed and functional application for buying, selling and renting your properties or to search for other people’s real estate. Each user of the application will have access to the Member Dashboard with pages for properties management, profile, messages, favourites and app settings.

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2. Real Estate App Template

Another top option if you are searching for real estate application templates based specifically on React Native framework. Real Estate App Template has Firebase Firestore as well as Google Maps for Android and Apple Maps for iOS integration. You can add a number of categories and functions into your real estate app. They include listings, custom filters, photos, users, favourites, interactive map and “Save for later.” The template also supports user reviews and rating system which is a good addition to any real estate map.


3. Real Estate Ionic – Best Real Estate Application Templates

This is a great template based on another popular multiplatform framework – Ionic 3. Real Estate Ionic allows you to create a fully functional mobile app for listing real estate properties. Property owners would be able to present the features and amenities of the real estate, adding contact information with all the details potential buyers or tenants would need to see. Users can apply various filters to browse through real estate entries for rental or sale, such as property type, title, distance and price.

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4. Aria – Best Real Estate Application Templates

Another example of a very good real estate application template based on Ionic 3. Using Aria you can create an app for finding the best properties, houses and agents. The app has a nice location search function that allows user to list all the properties or houses nearby. There is also a multiple choice of user types such as owner, broker, builder and other. The template has Google Maps integration, advanced profile management, ability to view project history, property responses and recent activities. As well as some other interesting functions.


5. DreamLand

DreamLand is a universal template based on Framework7, an open source mobile HTML framework. It allows you to create mobile apps for both iOS and Android, but could also be used to make a mobile website. DreamLand has all the basic real estate app functions available including different types of profiles for agents, property owners, seekers and so on. It also has very clean and understandable design.

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6. PropertyHub

Property Hub is another decent real estate Ionic-based application template with versions for both Android and iOS. This tool has well-optimized code, pleasant design and clean interface. Offers the standard package of real estate app functions including all the search filters, different kinds of accounts, profile management etc.

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