Top 6 Best Fitness & Workout Application Templates

Fitness and workout is one of the day-to-day activities where modern mobile applications can be super useful. Many free to use mobile apps nowadays can pretty much act as a full-time personal trainer. They will help you to choose a type of workout, make a schedule, provide exercise instructions and even offer you a diet. Yet many people who regularly go to gym still don’t use mobile apps, not realising all the benefits. But the good news is: there is a huge market for this kind of apps, and it is far from being competitive. That’s why for today’s daily listing we have made a top of the best fitness & workout application templates based on React Native and Ionic.


1. GoFit

GoFit is one of the best fitness & workout application templates based on React Native. It has a whole bunch of strong points. Really nice, stylish yet simplistic design is one of them. The template is quite flexible and customizable, so you can use it to build all kinds of fitness apps. Although it was primarily created specifically for Crossfit apps. It has Firebase authentication. While Google Admob integration would make it easier to monetise your app.


2. Tansaz

Tansaz is a really nice React Native template made specifically for workout apps. It meant for creation of an app that would work as a personal workout trainer. It gives user step by step instructions on how to do different types of fitness exercises and how to make a proper workout schedule. The template also includes a special diet for each type of workout package chosen by user. As for its technical side, Tansaz has attractive design and clean code.


3. Athlete

Athlete is a React Native template as well. It offers pretty much the same features package as the previous one in our fitness & workout application templates list. The difference is Athlete is slightly more customisable. It offers exercise instructions for different types of workout and has calories calculator. But with Athlete you can also integrate a sports wear store in the app, which could be a good way of monetization.

Fitness & Workout Application Templates


4. Yoga Guid – Best Fitness & Workout Application Templates

Yoga Guide is a nicely designed yoga Ionic-based template. It has quite a number of different yoga informational components such as Yoga list, Yoga steps and Yoga benefits. And also includes personal user profiles, Favourites section and detailed guidelines. The template’s code is clean and well-optimised.

Fitness & Workout Application Templates


5. Trainer Fit – Best Fitness & Workout Application Templates

Trainer Fit is another decent workout app template, this time built with Ionic and Angular. It is quite flexible and easy to use. Has built-in Google Admob integration and OneSignal notifications.

Fitness & Workout Application Templates


6. Workout App – Best Fitness & Workout Application Templates

Workout is an Ionic-based template from the developer of Yoga Guide tool in our list. Has pretty much the same features and advances of Yoga Guide, including nice design and rich customisation abilities.

Fitness & Workout Application Templates


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