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Top 6 Best Booking Application Templates

Customer market has changed a lot over the last several years. Smartphone and tablets adoption quickly growing made it crucially important for many businesses to have mobile applications that provide customers with as smooth and as full experience as possible. Especially the travel market was effected by these changes. Airline, hospitality and tourism players nowadays need to have fully functional, fast and well-designed mobile apps for all the major platforms in order for their businesses to survive. Luckily for them, the mobile development technologies are developing fast as well. The React Native framework is getting more and more popular every day. It allows to create multiplatform mobile apps as easy as ever before. Today we have prepared for you a list of the best booking application templates that would allow you to create your own mobile app, be it hotel bookings, transportation or other services.

1. CityBook – Listing Directory React Native mobile app

CityBook App is a template for creation of mobile apps that would be integrated with listing sites built with quite popular theme for WordPress: CityBook – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme. This template is a great tool that allows you quickly and easily create a listing app with all the necessary functions. It has push notifications, chat system, working checkout, Paypal, Stripe and PayFast payment systems integration. Customer support is another advantage of this template, making it easily accessible to pretty much everyone.


2. Grab Cab – React Native Taxi Booking App Template

Grab Cab is a really great template for taxi booking apps creation, which is still a fast growing market segment in many countries by the way. As always with Taxi booking tools, Grab Cab app will have separate accounts with different screens for Driver and Rider. There is an account side menu for both drivers and riders, login page, registration page (different ones for the two types of users). The app users would also be able to select the cab types, check the ride details, ride history page and so on.


3. Profile Listing and Live Chat App Template

Profile Listing and Live Chat App template allows you to create an app with listing of professionals. Users of the app can create an account and chat with each other, finding different profiles based on skills and distance. There are profiles of users and professionals. The app allows users to book appointments with professionals, while specialists are able to track their appointments.

Booking application templates


4. Ionic 3 Travel Agency Booking System Theme App – Booking application templates

This is a really good travel agency app based on Ionic 3 framework. One of the best solutions to create a multipurpose app with bookings or reservations of hotels, flights, cars, buses, trains, cruises, tours, activities etc. Another great thing about this template is the support of nine languages. You can create apps on Arabic (RTL Support), Bangla, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Chinese. This template is highly customizable with a number of available modules to choose from.

Booking application templates


5. Hotel Booking Theme App – Booking application templates

Another very good Ionic 3 based tool in our list of booking application templates. Just as the previous one it supports multiple languages, highly customizable and developer friendly. Hotel Booking Theme App template includes more than 25 screens, over 20 modules and 10+ components. The difference between the previous template is that Hotel Booking Theme App was created specifically for hotel bookings. But it could also be used for travel agency apps, accommodation and restaurant booking apps creation.

Booking application templates


6. True Bus Mobile App

As you can guess by the name this is a template for bus ticket booking apps. Based on Ionic 3, it allows to create a very simple and easy to use bus bookings and reservations app for both iOS and Android. True Bus would be a good tool for bus owners, bus operators or bus agents to get their own applications.


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