Top 5 Job Application Templates on React Native & Ionic

Using mobile applications for various purposes is getting more and more popular these days. Job searching and professional development is not an exception. It’s so much easier to keep track of new job postings and apply for interesting positions through a mobile app. And there is still plenty of free space in the mobile job apps market for new players. That’s why today we have prepared for you a list of five best job application templates based on React Native and Ionic.


1. React Native Job App

React Native Job App is one of the best job application templates based on React Native. It has complete backend integration, is flexible and easily customisable for any specific ideas that you may have. The template includes Facebook and Google login integration. There are two kinds of user profiles, for HRs and job seekers. With job seekers being able to search for new job openings, while HRs can post jobs. Group postings and chats are also available.


2. SmartHR

SmartHR is a feature-rich template with versions both based on React Native and Ionic frameworks. As you can understand by its name this template was made primarily for HR applications. But with its components you can make a fully-functional app that would be a good tool also for business managers, accountants and other corporate specialists. This app has countless feature components and modules. Attendance management, Employee management, Project management, events, calendar, Payroll and Account management and many more.


3. Job Searcher-Job Poster App – best job application templates

This is a fully-functional Ionic-based template with two separate versions: for job searchers and job posters. Each template has full integration with Facebook as well as with email services. Job searchers basically are able to register their personal profiles filling them with information like work experience and education. Searching for new job openings and sending resumes to employers is also available of course. Job posters can search for resumes and post new openings while managing the old postings.

job application templates


4. Ionic 4 Job Board – best job application templates

This is a simpler template compared to the previous ones in our list of the best job application templates. Also based on Ionic framework. Basically the template was created for an app with new job openings. Includes a Job List page, Job details page and a sidebar. Simple solution for a simple job app.

job application templates


5. Jobber – best job application templates

Jobber is another very decent tool based on Ionic in our list of the best job application templates. It offers you 22 fully layered and editable high resolution screens. And comes in Photoshop CC 2017 format. The template has clean design and contains well-optimized code, so creating your own job application with Jobber should not be a problem.

job application templates


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