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Top 5 Events Application Templates on React Native & Ionic

Events of different kinds is probably one of the markets that naturally fits mobile applications. It is so much easier to follow updates about events that you are interested to attend with a mobile app instead of a web-site or some Facebook page. Such an app could help you in finding some really good events that you would never find without it. So that’s why today we have made this list of the best events application templates based on the best multiprofile frameworks available today – React Native and Ionic.


1. Events App

Events App is one of the best events application templates on React Native. It allows you to create a fully-functional events app easily thanks to clean optimized code and simple structure. The app will include a list of available events and a map to check the location of each event. What’s more important users of your app will be able to purchase tickets for these events. The template has built-in PayPal integration for that.


2. Conference

Conference is a very good React native template that could be customised for different purposes. But the main idea behind the template is to provide users with info about conference events or sessions. Selling tickets using PayPal is also available. Conference has really functional admin panel, as well as AdMob ads integration. The app will also have a networking option with Facebook and YouTube integration in it. Users are able to create their personal profiles and search for friends.

events application templates


3. Night Club App – best events application templates

Another very good template from the same developer as the previous one. Also a multiprofile product based on React Native. This particular template is meant for creation of a night club’s mobile application. It can be used both as an app for a particular night club to connect with its clients and as an app with info about all the night clubs in the area. Has a page with info about parties and events, section with photos. As the previous template in our list Night Club App is integrated with PayPal, AdMob, Google Maps and social networks.

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4. DJ World – best events application templates

As should be clear from its title, DJ World is an app template for finding and booking all kinds of DJ events. This is first in our list of the best events application templates product based on Ionic framework. This template really offers a great package with nice code, responsive design and many features. DJ World supports a number of payment methods. Besides PayPal, your clients can pay with PayU Money, a bank transfer, cheque, Net banking or cash on delivery.

events application templates


5. Conference Ionic – best events application templates

Conference Ionic is another nice conferences template based on Ionic. This one has simpler and at the same time more serious and minimalistic design and interface. The main function of the app would be to provide all the information related to a conference. Conference Ionic allows users to view schedules and conference information such as location, exhibition halls, sponsors, committees etc. Users can also make their personal plans for each conference. As well as access speaker’s profile with info about his experience.


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