Top 5 Best Business Application Templates Based on React Native

Nowadays we are seeing more and more React Native app templates for different kinds of applications, from dating and chatting to ecommerce and financial services. And it is easy to understand why. React Native allows a single developers team to create applications both for iOS and Android. And with React Native app templates you can create modern apps even without any technical skills whatsoever. Today we have decided to make a new list of the best React Native templates, this time focusing on the best business application templates. These solutions would allow you to start and run all kinds of businesses: online store, food delivery, tutoring services or something else.


1. StoreX – business application templates

StoreX is one of the best universal business application templates that allows you to create your own shopping app. Some of its distinctive features are professional and modern design, very stable, reliable and clean code, as well as good customer service. React Native StoreX template supports Apple Pay and Android Pay, has integrations with Visa, Amex and MasterCard. It also has all the main functions of the shopping app including Shipping Address and Shipping Options functions, fully-working Shopping Cart and single Product Screen with multiple images.


2. React Native Dashboard Template – business application templates

This template allows you to create an app to monitor different business metrics on your phone in real time. An app created with React Native Dashboard Template will be able to show real-time analytics, streams, sales feeds, customer updates and other data. Authentication into the dashboard is done with Firebase Auth. React Native Dashboard Template supports quite a wide range of features including task management tool, notifications, order tracking, customer management, analytics, graphs, charts, sales feeds and other.


3. React App Builder

React App Builder is one of the best universal business application templates. It allows you to create all kinds of apps that could be used by your business. That includes event apps, recipe apps, shopping apps, restaurant apps, messaging apps and more. All the available templates have nice customisable design and a large choice of sections available to be added in the newly created app.

business application templates


4. Real Estate App Template

With this template you can create your own real estate app for both iOS and Android. Real Estate App Template has Firebase Firestore as well as Google Maps for Android and Apple Maps for iOS integration. You can add a number of categories and functions into your real estate app. They include listings, custom filters, photos, users, favourites, interactive map and “Save for later.” The template also supports user reviews and rating system which is a good addition to any real estate map.


5. ListApp

ListApp is one of the best templates for creation, management and monetisation of a listing business. With ListApp you can transfer the content of an existing listing web-site into an application for both iOS and Android. This tool has map feature integration which allows users to quickly find new interesting locations. Another distinctive function of this template is an Offline access feature. It allows users to save and access their wish-lists, images and booking events when offline.

business application templates


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