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Top 5 Best Social Network Application Templates

Nowadays social networks and social media services have become an integral part of life for most of us. And most of them we are using on our mobile phones, connected all the time anywhere we go. With new social networks apps being launched every month, this market still has many lucrative niches without established leaders and much competition. So today we have prepared for you a list of 5 best social network application templates based on the most popular multiplatform frameworks – React Native and Ionic.


1. React Native Social App Theme

React Native Social App Theme is one of the best social network application templates based on React Native and NativeBase available today. This template has several widget areas that allow you to add new functions to the app with plugins. Another great feature of React Native Social App Theme is performance optimisation, achieved mainly by using Redux. All in all this is a good tool if you want to build a decently designed and smoothly running app for both iOS and Android.


2. Ionic Social Network App

This is a very simple social network app template based on Ionic 3 framework. Allows you to create an app with all the main social networks functionality including user profiles, friends list, chats, news feeds etc. Has an unusual pixel-styled design.


3. Fortin Social Network – best social network application templates

Another nice template based on Ionic framework. Fortin Social Network includes Admin Panel and comes with Google Admob and Google Analytics Integrated with Cordova Plugins. This template would be a good choice to build a simple social app with geo-location features, check-ins and friend lists. But it also has quite rich customization possibilities. So it is possible to create a more sophisticated app using Fortin Social Network.

Social network application templates



4. YoVideo – best social network application templates

As you can understand from its name, YoVideo is a template for video social networks. So this tool pretty much allows you to build a mobile video player app with social features. App users will be able to view different video clips, follow each other and share videos they liked with their friends on Facebook.

Social network application templates


5. Social App With FireStore Backend

Another Ionic-based template with Angular and Firestore integration. Among the distinctive features of this tool would be a smooth design and lots of customization possibilities. This template offers all the main functions of modern social networks, including Timeline, Notifications, Users Search, Personal Profiles, Photos, Messages, Status updates, Comments and so on.

Social network application templates


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