Top 5 Best Finances Application Templates

Nowadays there are plenty of financial instruments available on mobile platforms, both for individuals and companies. But you would be surprised how small is the percentage of people actually using them. Partially because until recently most of the mobile financial tools were too complicated to use with poor interfaces and sloppy design. But today, with frameworks like React Native and Ionic, it is very easy to create simple yet powerful mobile apps that could easily get popular among casual users. That’s why today we have prepared for you a list of the best finances application templates based on React Native and Ionic.


1. Track Money

Track Money is a simple yet quite professional React Native template for finances management application. It is very easy to use, with text and video tutorial provided. Has nice and clear interface. Users are able to keep track of their revenues and expenses with simple charts or diagrams as illustrations.


2. React Bitcoin Ticker – best finances application templates

Another basic yet well-made React Native template. React Bitcoin Ticker allows you to build an app to monitor changes in crypto currencies’ prices and keep following news on this topic. Despite its very specific purpose, this template could be customised for other apps. For example, traditional currencies or stock exchange tracking.

Finances application templates


3. React Native Expense App Theme – best finances application templates

Another great React Native product in our list of the best finances application templates. React Native Expense App Theme has both very nice modern design and quality coding. Built with Redux and CRNA & Expo integration. Uses OpenID Connect (OIDC) authentication and JWT token management. This template probably has the largest number of modules you can include into your finances tracking app.

Finances application templates


4. FinePay – best finances application templates

FinePay is one of the best finances application templates based on Ionic framework. It allows you to create a finance management app, mainly for financial companies. But this template is highly flexible so with FinePay you will be able to build other kinds of finance apps, for individual users or small businesses for example. FinePay has functions specifically designed for banks and financial institutions, like tracking technological needs of auto loan banking and other financial services.

Finances application templates


5. Expensy

Another decent Ionic-based theme in our list of the best finances application templates. Expensy allows you to build a multi-platform app to manage revenues, expenses, checkbooks and other financial data. It is not as feature-rich as some other templates in our list, but still provides you with a variety of components. At the same time, it is simple and very customizable.


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