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Top 5 Best Dating Application Templates

With React Native getting more and more popular nowadays, making new dating apps gets easier then ever before. React Native corresponds with today’s mobile app development market needs, providing developers with a simple way to create new apps for both main mobile operating systems, iOS and Android, at the same time. No wonder we are having more and more new dating apps launched every month. If you are thinking of creating your own dating app, here is a list of 5 best dating application templates available today.


1. React Native Dating App Theme – One of the Best Dating Application Templates on React Native

The first one of the best dating application templates we have for you today is based on React Native and Native Base. It offers fully customizable pages and impressive collection of UI elements. React Native Dating App Theme is also quite well-structured, bold and flexible. One of the best themes for creating a fully functional dating app. Other distinctive features of this product are the performance optimisation and ability to extend the app’s functionality with plugins.

Dating application templates



2. Binder Dating app – One of the Best Dating Application Templates on React Native

Another product in our list of the best dating application templates, Binder Dating app allows you to create an app that would be very similar to Tinder. User will be able to create accounts via Facebook and browse through people nearby based on their search settings like gender, age and location range. All the other features of Tinder are also present. Binder Dating app also offers built-in monetisation tool AdMob Integration. It creates a space for one ad banner. The admin panel to this template allows users to change visual aspects of the app.

Dating application templates


3. Flirt

Flirt is a Firebase dating app template for Android. This template has a number of the most important features like real-time chat built with Google Firebase, online/offline status, likes, add to favourite and the ability for users to view who visited their profile recently.

Dating application templates


4. Ionic-3 Dating App Template

This is an easy to use and attractive app template developed on the Ionic-3 platform. It allows you to create hybrid mobile dating apps with nice design and a number of the most common features. An app created with Ionic-3 app template will have pages with nice animations, live chats, profiles and user-friendly interface.


5. Tinder Like Dating Theme App Template UI Ionic Framework

This is another one in our list of the best dating application templates based on open-source hybrid mobile apps framework Ionic v3. This app template is highly customisable and quite friendly for both users and developers. This template has a lot of layouts, including Match Page, User Public Profile and User Own Profile, Chat Page and many more. It also has some integrated native plugins like Camera and Google Admob Free. While a good choice of design concepts allows you to make your own dating app different from its competitors.


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