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Top 5 Best Chats Application Templates Based on React Native

Nowadays we are seeing more and more new React Native app templates every week. And we know why. React Native is a powerful and flexible JavaScript framework that allows developers to create new mobile apps for both iOS and Android easier than ever before. You can find free or not free but cheap React Native templates for pretty much every major type of apps, including blogs and magazines, businesses, finances, e-commerce, education, entertainment and more. Today we have prepared a list of 5 best chats application templates based on React Native.

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1. Re-Chat – React Native Chats Application Template

Re-Chat, like many other popular chats application templates, runs on Firebase. It allows developers to create chat apps with smooth design reminding both WhatsApp and Viber. Of course, with Re-Chat you can make apps for both Android and iOS, and the whole process of an app creation is very easy thanks to a simple interface.


2. Vida React Native Template – one of the best video chats application templates

This is a very well-made React Native template for video chats. Vida allows you to create a modern video chat mobile app using many custom components including design colours, fonts and more. What is also important, this template has built-in monetisation functions allowing developers to sell gifts and other items to the app users.


3. Real Time Chat App

This app template is probably one of the easiest to use thanks to a very clear tutorial for developers as well as support of the product by its creators. With Real Time Chat App you can quickly create a very basic chat mobile app for Android and iOS that doesn’t require much of smartphone’s resources to work.

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4. Profile Listing and Live Chat App Template

This product in our list of chats application templates allows you to create an app with listing of professionals. Users of the app can create an account and chat with each other, finding different profiles based on skills and distance. The app also allows users to book an appointment with professionals. While professionals are able to track their appointments.

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5. React Native Dating App

This is a template for creation of a typical Tinder-like dating app that would also have very decent personal chatting function. React Native Dating App has complete Facebook login and Firebase integration. And all the basic functions, including geo location, search filters, push notifications, user gallery and more.


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