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What I Ate

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What I ate is a barebone Ionic starter template application, that saves a lot of your time. Streamline your app development with this starter kit! It can be used as a template or you may take only the pieces you need. It already has a bit of a social network flavor: social login, share via social networks, real-time comments and likes.

Feel free to download the demo APK for Android from here or use Ionic View demo. The application ID is a56fa7c2.

Here is a quick list of technologies used:

  • Ionic (1.2.4)
  • AngularJS (1.4.3)
  • Firebase (~2.4.1)
  • EXIF

Here is a list of APIs used for the app:

  • Foursquare API
  • Google Maps API
  • Nutritionix API

Backend is powered by Firebase. The application is build with Ionic Framework. It extensively uses ngCordova and cordova plugins, so you get a bunch of nice examples of typical day-to-day use cases. AWS S3 file upload is one of the main features of the app, since almost every app need to save files somehow. Reverse geocoding is also a very usefull feature that people like. Don’t waste time reinventing your own wheel, just use the code provided.

Cordova plugin list:

  • cordova-plugin-splashscreen
  • cordova-plugin-inappbrowser
  • cordova-plugin-camera
  • cordova-plugin-file
  • cordova-plugin-x-socialsharing
  • cordova-plugin-network-information
  • phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner


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