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The Smart Queue (Flutter + Laravel)

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What the system is?

This system was born because we thought, we could queue without having to come to the queue. Many of us queue in place because we don’t know what the next queue number is, it makes us bored and makes a lot of time wasted. Especially if you have to take the queue in the queue place, this will also waste time.

Introducing the Smart Queue, this system can inform us what the next token number is, this can help us to queue but not in place, to save us time. For example, we get the A090 token, while the number is still A020, surely we will wait a long time, but if we know the next token number, we can use our time with other useful things. This system is equipped with real-time token numbers, so we can know whats the next token number in real-time. In addition, we can also take the queue online, can use the QR or ask to send it to email. If we lose the link, we can ask the staff to send our token link to our email.

For companies, this system does not require a printer, and paper, so it saves more company expenses. To run this system only uses a laptop and TV.


-Get a token number online
-Get a token number without leaving the house
-No need a printer, or even a touchscreen TV to get the token
-The customer knows the current token number, in real-time
-Full API
-Customers can send token numbers to their emails

What’s new?

-Send reminders to customer emails
-Staff or user can be set status online or offline
-Notification to all users if there are users who are offline or online
-The new dashboard, more up to date information
-Automatically close the registration, if all users are offline
-Create the app not just for Android but also IOS with Flutter.


We use Laravel v6, Flutter 1.7 and Bootstrap v4. 


-What about iOS users?
Now we create the app with flutter, so you can generate app for Android and also for IOS users, but your customers don’t have to install this application, they can still use other QR code readers.

-Is this Android application specifically designed for the Barcode queue?
No, this Android and IOS application is just an ordinary QR reader, your client doesn’t need to bother installing this Android and IOS application, it will be easier for your client if they have installed the QR code reader application, which they have.

-Does the developer plan to make IOS?
We create the app with Flutter so you can generate the IOS app.

-Do our clients have to install this Android and IOS application?
No, they don’t have to, as already explained, they can use other applications for QR code readers.

-How to get no token?
They can get scanned by QR code, send by email, or click the ‘Get Your Token’ button.

-Is Developer available to customize?
Yes, and the price is base on request. 


Get token URL

Login URL
Url: https://connectwithdev.com/demo/smart-queue/public/login

APK Download (for scan the Barcode)
Url: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GjUvpyr3mMMoQLjQmRY-5ot1ZLx_42sk/view?usp=sharing

User: [email protected]

User: [email protected]

User: [email protected]


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